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The Next Game from Get Set

Nov 27, 2009   //   by Matt Coombe   //   Development  //  6 Comments

We thought it would be fun to show you a little preview of our next game which is currently in production. It’s still early days on this project so I won’t get into the details but you can expect a lot of action from this title!

Get Set Games - Next Game

Screen shots of Addicus release build

Oct 16, 2009   //   by Matt Coombe   //   Development  //  No Comments

Here are  a few screengrabs of the build we  submitted to Apple. Enjoy 🙂





Screenshot 2009.10.14 01.04.04

Addicus – First App from Get Set Games

Sep 24, 2009   //   by Matt Coombe   //   Development  //  4 Comments

Welcome to Addicus, the first game we will release on the App Store. Development has been going full pace, especially after a good weekend sprint with the entire team locked up together for three days straight. It’s been extremely productive and we’re now in the final testing phases before submission to Apple.

Some screenshots can be found below.

Get Set Games Addicus iPhone Game

New Gameplay in Development

Sep 16, 2009   //   by Matt Coombe   //   Development  //  No Comments

Well it’s been a couple of weeks since the last game development update. The good news is that development on our first game has actually gone in a new and interesting direction and there’s been a huge amount of work done in that time.

After playtesting the first tech demos a whole bunch we’ve decided to actually split the gameplay into two different games. The first of these games is shown below. This game is a number based puzzler with very simple but very addictive gameplay. You are given a series of goal numbers and must pop mushrooms on the screen to create the sum of the goal number. As you achieve each goal number a new one will be presented. Pressure is applied to the player in the form of a timer that will countdown for each goal number.

Of course there are tons of chain and timer bonuses along the way so there’s big opportunities to rack up huge amounts of points as you go. Coloured mushrooms also play a big part in the game too.

Sounds simple but it’s actually pretty hard to put down once you start. We’ll have a video of some of the gameplay in the near future.

The latest incarnation of our mushroom popping game

The latest incarnation of our mushroom popping game

Hardware Tests

Jul 22, 2009   //   by Matt Coombe   //   Development  //  2 Comments

Here’s a first look at Get Set’s initial project. The working title is Mushroom Bloom although that is likely to change in the near future.

During a code sprint yesterday we got our first running build on the iPhone.

Initial tests were for:

  • sprite display
  • sprite movement
  • Touch scrolling and flick scrolling
  • Recording single touch hits on sprites from the touch screen
  • activating vibration
  • sound playback on sprite hits

Here are some screen grabs of our first tests.

Get Set Games - Mushroom Bloom 01

Get Set Games - Mushroom Bloom 02

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