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iTunes Connect Unavailable to Developers Dec 23 – Dec 28, 2009

Dec 8, 2009   //   by Derek van Vliet   //   PSA  //  No Comments

news_calendarAllow us to take a break from our adventures in iPhone development to give you a brief service announcement.

Apple just announced that iTunes Connect, the site that developers use to submit and manage their iPhone apps, will be unavailable from December 23 – December 28, 2009. Quote:

iTunes Connect, the tool you use to manage your applications and access your reports, will be unavailable from December 23 through December 28, 2009.

Access to iTunes Connect will resume December 29, 2009.

This means a couple of things:

1. Developers will be flying blind for 6 days. They will not be able to access their sales data, crash logs or financial reports until Dec. 29.

2. This also means no new apps or updates to apps can be submitted to Apple during this time. Developers may have to adjust their schedules accordingly.

3. Users who were hoping that an app will go on sale for Christmas day are most likely out of luck since developers will not be able to change their prices during that time. Unless developers are prepared to hold a 6 day sale, don’t expect many deals on apps after you open your iPhone on Christmas morning.

We now return to your regularly scheduled iPhone dev blog.

Apple Banking Voodoo

Oct 17, 2009   //   by Matt Coombe   //   Uncategorized  //  4 Comments

I thought I might share a small hiccup I ran into while submitting our banking information to Apple through iTunesConnect.

Most of the process went very smoothly until I was asked for my bank’s “Transit Number”. Our company is located in Toronto and so in Canada this is a 5 digit number that is unique for each branch of a given bank. I duly typed this in but it was immediately rejected when the form was sent to Apple. I got an “enter valid transit number” warning.

After several phone calls to my branch and bank helpline I was no closer to resolving the problem. They told me what I already knew, that the transit number is a 5 digit code. I sent an email to but did not expect a reply any time soon (although I did get some help from them over email a day later). After banging my head against the wall and some Google searching I found the real deal on what Apple is expecting Canadian iPhone developers to input for the Transit Number.

Apple is actually looking for the electronic Routing Transit Number which consists of three values with no spaces or dashes:


A leading zero followed by the 3 digits of your bank institution number followed by the 5 digit branch transit number (also known as the branch ID).

You can find your bank institution number here.

Hopefully this will save some of you the frustration I ran into!

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