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Know Your Power-Up: The Flame-Ball Showdown

Jul 26, 2011   //   by Andy Smith   //   About Our Games, Announcements  //  6 Comments

Have you ever wondered how long the Mega Shield lasts? or how big the radius is on the Super Lucky Blast? Or how fast you rocket through the stars with the Supernova?

Well, we did too! Since we found the answers so interesting, we thought we’d share them with our favorite people in the world, you!

We are very happy to introduce the very first¬†Know Your Power-Up: The Flame-Ball Showdown! In The Flame-Ball Showdown, you can see how the Fireball stacks up against it’s blue cousin, the Supernova in time, speed, height and bonuses!

The Flame-Ball Showdown
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Let us know what you think through Facebook or Twitter! We’re planning many more and would love to know which ones our favorite people (it’s still you!) really want to see.

As always, Keep Jumping!


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