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How to Set Your App’s Splash Screen

Dec 9, 2009   //   by Derek van Vliet   //   Development  //  2 Comments

All iPhone apps have a splash screen, or what Apple refers to as a “launch image”. It is the screen that is displayed immediately after you press your app’s icon on the home screen, while the app icons are sweeping away and your app is zooming into view.

Some apps opt not to display a splash screen and go for a black screen, which is the default behaviour when you create an app. Others display a wireframe of the app’s interface in order to look like it is loading faster. See Apple’s native apps such as Clock and Camera for good examples of this. The most common use of the splash screen (especially in games) is to present a company or game logo, as we do in Addicus:


How to Do It

Apple has made it so easy to set your splash screen that you don’t even need a single line of code to do it. Why, you don’t even need to change a setting. Here’s how to set your splash screen it in just 2 steps:

1. Add a file to your project’s Resource folder called Default.png.

2. There is no step 2. Take this time to reflect on how good life is.

And that’s it. Run your app and your splash screen will zoom into glorious view.

Heads Up

A couple of things to watch out for when working with splash screens:

Whatever image you give it will be scaled to fill the 320×480 resolution of the iPhone, so ideally you would use a 320×480-sized image.

If your iPhone app is running in landscape mode, you need to rotate the splash screen you use. For example, our splash screen is rotated 90 degrees to the right in the above image.

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