Catch All the Monsters & Teen Rolf Too!

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A Rolf in Teen’s Clothing

FREE for this weekend only! When the moon is full and the wind howls, the ultimate party animal comes out to play! Teen Rolf is the fourth of 6 limited-edition characters, and he’s available in the Mega Jump store right now (did we mention for FREE?)! After the full moon, he’ll be back to his old self, so catch him while you can!

Is it Real or is it Pepper’s Ghost?

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She Goes Jump in the Night!

Don’t get spooked – it’s the friendliest spirit around! Pepper’s Ghost is the third of 6 limited-edition characters, and she’s available in the Mega Jump store right now! She’s only visiting for a short while though, so get her before she disappears!

Revenge of the Jack O’ Rabbit!

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He’s Hare Raising!

Look who just popped out of the pumpkin patch! “Riddle” me this – who’s costume is this? Jack O’ Rabbit is the second of 6 Limited-Edition characters, and he’s available in the Mega Jump store right now! Grab him before he goes back to the garden!

Android Update 4.1 is Live!

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Get it now!This is a minor, but very important update for a lot of our users! There’s nothing too exciting here for some of our existing users, but just wait for Update 5 (we’re working on it now and it’s a doozy).

Better Support!

  • We’ve worked out a fix for the random crash issues some users were having on the Samsung Galaxy SII!
  • We’ve added support for qHD screens! No more black bars!

Minor, but Awesome Changes!

  • Pressing your phone’s back button will let you navigate the menus and pause the game! Just like you’d expect it to!
  • We’ve updated and removed some of the permissions we are asking for!
  • Even more bug fixes and optimizations! We want to see Mega Jump running like a dream on every phone we support!

As always, if you love Mega Jump and this Update, please let us know in the comments and by leaving us a five-star rating in the Android Market.

Until next time: Keep on Jumping!

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Here Comes Halloween!

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The Mega Jump monsters are putting on their best spooky costumes to celebrate Halloween! Redford and a few of his friends have been hard at work making scary outfits for the spooky season and we think they’ve done a pretty good job :)

Get Them Before They’re Gone!

Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be releasing 6 Limited Edition Halloween costume characters. The first frightful figure is Frankenford – Redford’s Halloween costume – and he’s available on the store right now!

Any Halloween character you unlock is yours to keep forever, but the Halloween characters will only be available in the store for a limited time, so get them while you can!


Win a Pair of Sol Republic Headphones by Playing Mega Jump!

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Rock Out with the Latest Kiip Competition!

The newest Kiip competition is on! Get a Top 100 High Score before the competition ends to win a pair of awesome headphones from Sol Republic!

Wow! Tell Me More!

  • Play Mega Jump on iOS between Oct. 18th and Oct 19th for a chance to win!
  • Two different types of headphones to win! Tracks (on-ear) or Amps (in-ear)
  • Get a top 100 place score to win!
  • US players only this time

Head over here to check out the leader board and see how you place! Remember, you just need to get into the top 100 to win!






Good Luck and Happy Jumping!

The Mega Jump Guinness World Record goes to Philipp Schneckenburger!

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Making History

Congratulations to Philipp Schneckenburger from Switzerland who scored a massive 6,133,889 points to claim the the first ever Guinness World Record for a high score in Mega Jump! Get Set Games partnered with Kiip and Guinness to host the World Record competition, which was held from September 28th to October 3rd, 2011. You can read more about Phillip’s record-breaking attempt, and the competition, on WIRED, Techcrunch and Mashable!

Jumping to the Top

The competition was fierce, with hundreds of thousands of Mega Jump players vying for the top spot. To even break into the top 50, players would need to score over 2 million points. Phillip managed to stay head and shoulders above the rest with his astonishing score, and for that Get Set Games salutes you, sir! You have entered Mega Jump and Guinness history!

The Top Ten Players

Special congratulations to everyone that managed to make it into the Top 10. Here they are:

  1. phildaagony-switzerland (aka Philipp Schneckenburger)  6,133,889
  2. Missile1337 5,328,110
  3. Werner Ignacio Gonzalez Holtheuer 5,229,149
  4. Daniel 3,709,888
  5. jordan driediger 3,679,145
  6. briggycl 3,672,833
  7. Brian Aldoney 3,595,193
  8. Sergio Aguilar 3,471,501
  9. zia ahmad 3,426,451
  10. @damtzx 3,333,361

Thanks again to everyone that took part – you are all Elite Mega Jumpers!

Your Name in The Guinness Book of World Records!

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Play Mega Jump to Get Your Name in The Guinness Book of World Records!

So, think you’re the best at Mega Jump? Well now you have a chance to prove it and get your name in the Guinness Book of World Records! From Sept 28 to Oct 3 iOS players will have a chance to compete for the highest score in Mega Jump. The player with the highest score will forever be recognized in the Guinness World Records 2012 Gamer’s Edition!

Wow! Tell Me More

  • Play Mega Jump on iOS between Sept 28 and Oct 3 for a chance to win!
  • Save Stars are allowed, and encouraged!
  • iOS users only this time, sorry!
  • Highest score at the end of the competition wins!

Head over here to check how you place on the leader boards!

Happy Jumping and Good Luck!




Meet Slartie From Monster Island!

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Slartie is the newest character to join Mega Jump! He’s the hero of Monster Island, the latest and greatest iOS game from our friends at Miniclip. To celebrate the game launch, Slartie will be free to all iOS players for a limited time!

Go grab Slartie while you can and be sure to check out Monster Island!


Mega Jump – Mega Update 15 Out Now!

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At long last, Update 15 is finally here, and it’s the biggest update to Mega Jump that Get Set Games has ever released! Update 15 features a brand new world called Magica, which adds 20 new stages, doubling the number of stages in the game!

A Whole New World

Magica is a mysterious and beautiful world filled with spooky canyons, floating cities and ancient space ruins. Magica features brand new artwork and a ton of new coin and block patterns – it’s like a whole new game! Here’s what fans are saying about Update 15 so far:

“Awesome new update!!!”


“Mega jump is the single greatest app on the app store!”


“Don’t bother looking up fun. This game defines it.”

– Dr. Dr.

But Wait, There’s More!

Update 15 also has a ton of tweaks and improvements, including Rolf the Wolf, the new Mega friend chosen by you in our Facebook poll! Click the image below to see what we’ve jammed into Update 15!

Click to Expand

You Rock!

Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you to all of our awesome Mega Jump fans – our updates are based on your feedback and support. Mega Jump keeps evolving with your help and, as always, there’s more amazing stuff just around the corner. In the meantime, enjoy Magica and keep jumping!



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