Mega Jump Reaches Sweet 16 Million!

Aug 17, 2011   //   by Nick Coombe   //   Announcements  //  1 Comment

All Grown Up

Mega Jump has been out for over a year now, and we’re still feeling the love! 16 Million people have downloaded Mega Jump since it was released in May 2010.

People Say the Funniest Things

With so many people downloading Mega Jump, we hear all kinds of interesting things on Twitter, Facebook and in our iTunes reviews. Here are some highlights:


“I luv this game soo much!! Me an my bro finished the game and he started to cry. It’s amazing it’s free but please add more levels”

-Rocky max

“Well……mega jump is intresting fun but, It’s NOT the GREATEST game ever but, yah know what is? donut maker! But mega jump is pretty awsome.”

– Beast a.k.a. Deja Doughty!

“It’s awesome but I barfed when I played it so now I hate it.”

– Lexa19$$$

“Hours of fun. Better than angry birds.”


My third favorite after fruit ninja!!!!! my friend tyler hogg told me about this game and i been playing it since i downloaded it”

– Aero tiger

“I infinated all the Levels!”

– PWNR 149

“This game is taking over my life and battery.”

Amy Richardson

“Wicked game I used to have an iPhone a year ago and loved the game but sold my phone, now a year later I got this iPod and mega jump has been updated an unbelievable amount it’s 10 times as good as it was back then”

– Adrian Revitt

“The perfect break from marking anthropology dissertations”

– dykeygirl

“This game is rubbish there’s no skill!half the time the monster is going up with no effort at all! So not much fun, it needs to be more challenging less coins and there needs to be obsticals and objecty things to gain points from. I’m sorry but this game is poor so 1 stars i’m affraid! P.S I don’t mean to be mean!”

– Mr fluffles123

“Great game to fill your time on public transport”

– Drayton1982

“A pleasant little game full of suprises”

– Andrew Howes

I’ve had an iPhone for nearly a year and a half now, so why has it taken me so long to give Mega Jump a try? Either way, it was worth the wait – its BRILLIANT.

If like me, you haven’t yet tried this utterly brilliant little game, I recommend you address that unfortunate statistic A-Sap! Highly recommended.”

– Aces High

“Rubbish-deleted it after the first play”

– Trace234

Know Your Power-Up: The Flame-Ball Showdown

Jul 26, 2011   //   by Andy Smith   //   About Our Games, Announcements  //  6 Comments

Have you ever wondered how long the Mega Shield lasts? or how big the radius is on the Super Lucky Blast? Or how fast you rocket through the stars with the Supernova?

Well, we did too! Since we found the answers so interesting, we thought we’d share them with our favorite people in the world, you!

We are very happy to introduce the very first Know Your Power-Up: The Flame-Ball Showdown! In The Flame-Ball Showdown, you can see how the Fireball stacks up against it’s blue cousin, the Supernova in time, speed, height and bonuses!

The Flame-Ball Showdown
Click to View in Full Size

Let us know what you think through Facebook or Twitter! We’re planning many more and would love to know which ones our favorite people (it’s still you!) really want to see.

As always, Keep Jumping!


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Mega Jump Android Hits 1 Million Downloads!

Jul 25, 2011   //   by Mike Sandercock   //   Announcements  //  No Comments

We are very excited to announce that Mega Jump has now surpassed 1,000,000 downloads on Android! To say thanks to all of the awesome Android players out there we are releasing the Android Robot as a playable character. The Android Robot will be available in the next Android update, and best of all, it’s FREE!

Free exclusive character for Android

Download from the Android Market Now!

Mega Jump Android Update 3.5 Now Available!

Jul 11, 2011   //   by Mike Sandercock   //   Announcements, Uncategorized  //  35 Comments

Get it now!

We are very happy to announce that another update to Mega Jump Android is now available in the Android Market! Included in this update are some major under-the-hood upgrades, many bug fixes and Google Checkout!

Google Checkout

  • It’s now way easier to buy Mega Points by using Google Checkout!

Major Under-the-hood Upgrades

  • Better memory handling!
  • Fewer Crashes & Bugs!
  • Faster loading!
  • Better Device Compatibility!

If you love Mega Jump and this Update, please let us know in the comments and by leaving us a five-star rating in the Android Market.
If you are still experiencing any issues with Mega Jump Android please let us know by email at!

Until next time: Keep on Jumping!

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Mega Sale on MP! Up to 50% Off!

Jun 17, 2011   //   by Matt Coombe   //   About Our Games, Announcements, Events  //  2 Comments

[UPDATE] The sale is now over, but look out for more sales and special items in future!

To celebrate Mega Jump’s 15 millionth download and to thank all our amazing players, we’re excited to announce our biggest sale ever! MP coin bundles will be reduced in price by as much as 50% for a limited time!

Now is your chance to stock up on MP and unlock all those power-ups you always wanted, get the characters you need, or collect Save Stars and achieve the highest score you’ve ever dreamed of!

Just go to the Store in Mega Jump and tap on the orange MP button to get to the deals!

The sale is over at the end of this weekend so get your MP while you can!

15 Million Downloads for Mega Jump!

Jun 17, 2011   //   by Nick Coombe   //   Announcements  //  7 Comments

We’re on a roll!

Thanks to all of our amazing fans, Mega Jump has hit the astonishing milestone of 15 Million downloads! What’s amazing is that this has mostly been through word of mouth – I guess you guys really do love Redford, Rosie and the rest of the Mega Jump gang on their crazy adventures!

The Best is Yet to Come…

We’d like to welcome the 25,000 new Mega Jumpers that join the party every day! It’s awesome and humbling that so many people are enjoying the little game we made just over a year ago.

With your support Mega Jump will continue to get better and better, and the biggest update yet – Update 15 – is just around the corner.

The best is definitely yet to come! Keep jumping!


Mega Jump - Pillar of the Sky - Magica 05

Mega Jump - Mystic Tree - Magica 02


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Mega Jump Update 14 Now Available!

Jun 1, 2011   //   by Matt Coombe   //   About Our Games, Announcements  //  9 Comments

Hey Mega Jumpers! Thanks again for making Mega Jump one of the most popular iOS games on Earth! Your support and feedback has meant the world to us. Now get ready for another huge update! Here’s what is new in Mega Jump Update 14:

Shrinkify! Watch out for the new Shrinkify potion! It will make you tiny!

Over 30 New Coin Patterns! Bounce and weave through tons of new patterns of coins, stars, powerups and blocks!

See Your Progress! Check out your progress in the Pause menu! See how far you have to go to finish the current stage!

News! Get the latest Mega Jump news delivered right to your device!

New Characters and Wallpapers Coming Soon! Keep an eye out in the Store for new characters and wallpapers! New ones could appear at any time!

And More! Numerous bug fixes!

Check out some new screenshots below!



Mega Jump Hits 14 Million Downloads!

May 25, 2011   //   by Andy Smith   //   Uncategorized  //  2 Comments

Mega Jump is just getting bigger and bigger. Worldwide, Mega Jump has now been downloaded more than 14 Million times! So far, 2011 has been a great year for Mega Jump and our fans and it’s only going to get better!

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Get Set Games seeking iOS developer

May 9, 2011   //   by Rob Segal   //   Jobs  //  2 Comments

We’re currently looking to expand our development team and are seeking a qualified developer as detailed below.


Roles & Responsibilities

You will be responsible for working on all core games, tools, infrastructure.  This will include but is not limited to…

  • Gameplay design/implementation on iOS devices for our current and future projects
  • Bug fixing, maintenance and optimization on iOS devices
  • New technology/tool research and evaluation



  • BS degree in Computer Science or related discipline or equivalent experience
  • Hands-on experience with game development and Cocos 2D for the iOS platform
  • 5+ years professional experience as a software engineer
  • Experience with Objective-C, C, C++, Cocoa and UIKit
  • Experience with one or more scripting language (Javascript, Lua, Python, etc…).
  • Ability to independently design, write and maintain high quality code
  • Passion and curiosity for games, mobile applications, social media and how they all work together
  • Have used Git or other version control system of some sort (CVS, SVN, Perforce, etc.)


Nice to have

  • Knowledge of OpenGL ES and/or working with shaders
  • Currently and/or previously worked in a small company environment
  • Porting experience from one platform to another (i.e. iOS to Android)
  • Have developed an application/game on the Android platform
  • Understanding of Symbian platform
  • Understanding of current mobile device networking, memory management, security, peripherals and performance capabilities.
  • Experience with SQL and relational database (MySQL, SQL Sever, etc.)
  • Prior experience in the Games/Entertainment industry
  • UI design


Please send a resume and include details of recent projects to Do not call. No recruiters please.



Mega Jump is One Year Old Today! Here’s a Birthday Gift!

May 5, 2011   //   by Nick Coombe   //   Uncategorized  //  13 Comments

It’s hard to believe, but Mega Jump was released one year ago today . The original version of Mega Jump took just a month to make, had only one character (Redford of course!), no stages, no bounce, break or spike blocks, no store and no upgradable powerups.  It also wasn’t free! But there was something special about the game that people loved, and we’ve been updating the game ever since based on your great ideas and requests. Here’s the first Mega Jump announcement from way back in April 2010

The More the Merrier

Since then – over the course of 13 updates – Redford has been joined by 14 new friends, discovered dozens of awesome powerups, taken on new enemies and challenges and found the secret at the end of the Universe! Not only that but over 14 million people around the world have played Mega Jump, and thousands more are joining in every day!

A Birthday Song

What better way to celebrate Redford’s Birthday than with his own special song? For those of you who have been asking for the Mega Jump Theme Song, here it is finally, free to download!


Keep On Jumping!

The party’s just getting started! Updates 14 and 15 are just around the corner, bursting with new features, including 30 brand new coin patterns, a new hazard, and in Update 15, a brand new adventure

Stay tuned!



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