Mega Jump 2

  • Activate the crazy Mega Fever Mode!
  • Hundreds of awesome Missions!
  • Secret characters to collect with special powers!
  • Grab Lucky Prizes to win awesome items!
  • So much more!

It’s Back!

The spectacular sequel to the #1 hit Mega Jump! Bigger, better and more mega than ever before!

With over 4 million downloads and counting, hitting #1 on iPhone in 38 countries and #1 on iPad in 54 countries, Mega Jump 2 is soaring through the charts!

“The definition of a wonderfully fun and simple arcade game that perfects the addictive ‘just one more go’ mentality”

– Gamezebo

“Possibly the most fun I’ve had in an endless jumping game. Mega Jump 2 certainly doesn’t disappoint in the entertainment department”

– 148Apps

“Fantastic graphics and addictive gameplay”

– Arcade Sushi

“The vibrant graphics, new endless gameplay and adventures, and well-priced store items in the app … make it a pleasure”

– App Advice

Jump 2 It!

Redford and his well-loved forest friends make a return in Mega Jump 2, along with some adorable new characters. Mega Jump 2 features a brand new game engine in which players jump, bounce and boost through beautiful landscapes grabbing coins, collecting tokens and dodging hazards. Get enough tokens and you’ll activate the all new Mega Mode, blasting the player gloriously through oceans of treasure.

Its All About Skill

One of the biggest and most requested new features in Mega Jump 2 gives characters their own skills and powers, helping players collect more coins, save themselves from danger or boost further and faster than before.

“Colorful level design, likable characters and upbeat music … If you liked the original – or you just want to see what Mega Mode can do for you – hop on in.”

– Modojo

“Controls are ultra-responsive … it won’t take long until you’re hooked”

– Cult of Mac

“It’s easy to see why this platform/physics jumping and bouncing game is one of the most popular in the App Store”

– iApps Club

“Get Set Games has done it again … Mega Jump 2 is a mega-fun game”

– Apps Rumours

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It…

Mega Jump 2 also introduces Adventures – challenging mission sets that, if completed, give the player special and rare rewards. With 150 missions to complete, Mega Jump 2 gives players a huge number of new and exciting ways to play – and more ways to get an edge on your friends’ scores.

I Have the Power!

Mega Jump 2 introduces an exciting set of powerups that directly affect the game in significant ways, giving players more control over their experience. Combine all these new features with beautiful artwork, hilarious and lively character animations, a foot-tapping sound track, and you have a fantastic gaming experience that players of all ages will want to jump into once again.

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