Addicus - Fun You Can Count On!

“Addicus is simple to play, cool to look at, and yet challenging enough to keep you coming back again and again.”

– Macworld

“Addicus makes math fun–which hasn’t happened since maybe second grade–and it’s bouncy, colorful, and challenging, so it’s well worth a download.”

– appSafari

It All Adds Up!

Addicus is a beautiful and addictive puzzle game with a twist! Reach the goal number before the timer runs out and score extra points by getting pairs, flushes, secret numbers and speed bonuses!

Number One for Fun!

  • Dozens of secret bonuses
  • Multipliers and chain combos
  • Overdrive mode for crazy hi-scores
  • Endless replayability
  • Part of OpenFeint the largest iPhone game community
  • Online worldwide leaderboards
  • Integrated with Facebook and Twitter
  • It’s fast, it’s fun and and it might even be good for you!

*Nothing but the highest quality numbers were used in the production of this game.


“The game’s bouncy presentation, with colourful graphics and upbeat music …make Addicus a nice little package.”

– Pocket Gamer

“Highly recommend it”

– AppSlappy

“Be careful because it is very addicting”

– AppShouter


Addicus Official 1

Addicus Official 2

Addicus Official 3

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Addicus Official 5

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