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Mega Jump gets 12 Million Downloads!

Mar 7, 2011   //   by Matt Coombe   //   About Our Games, Announcements  //  No Comments


Mega Jump grows to even more mega proportions! Redford and his friends have been downloaded over 12 million times across the globe. We think 2011 will be a big year for Mega Jump with lots more features, content, characters, and levels still to come!

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Mega Jump Update 12 Now Available – Play On Your TV, New Character and More!

Feb 9, 2011   //   by Derek van Vliet   //   About Our Games, Announcements  //  12 Comments

Mega Jump Update

Mega Jump’s twelfth update was just approved by Apple and it is now available for download on the App Store. Full text of the update log below:

Hey Mega Jumpers! Big news! 10 million people have now downloaded Mega Jump, making it one of the most popular iPhone/iPod games on Earth! This is entirely because of all of you who told your friends about this awesome game, so thank you for spreading the word! Your support and feedback has meant the world to us. Now get ready for another huge update! Here’s what is new in Mega Jump Update 12:

Play Mega Jump on Your TV!

  • Connect your iPhone 4/iPod 4G/iPad to your TV!
  • Run Mega Jump on another iDevice to control it on your TV!

Remote Control!

  • Control Mega Jump on your iPad using your iPhone!

New Character: Sheldon!

  • You asked for it! A turtle character!
  • He’s one speedy Turtle! From the warm waters of his ocean home to the air above, Sheldon surfs the currents!
  • Thanks to everyone who voted in the Facebook poll!

All New Interface!

  • We’ve redesigned all menus to make them look 100% more amazing!

Share Your Scores!

  • Post your scores to Facebook or Twitter right from the Game Over screen!
  • Email scores to your friends!

And More!

  • We’ve made Mega Jump run better on all devices!

Thank you for being one of the millions of people playing Mega Jump! Mega Jump has the best players in the world and we want to thank you for making Mega Jump such a massive hit!

If you like Mega Jump and want to see more of these awesome updates, please rate it 5 stars in iTunes after every update!

Until next time: keep on jumping!

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Mega Jump Update 12 – Big Screen!

Feb 2, 2011   //   by Matt Coombe   //   About Our Games, Announcements  //  24 Comments

Mega Jump Update 12 has been submitted to Apple for approval! Sheldon the Turtle is our newest Mega Jump friend and he has joined us at your request through our Facebook poll. Sheldon’s bringing with him some exciting new features:

You can now play Mega Jump on your TV or iPad using another iOS device as a remote control. That’s right – Mega Jump is on the Big Screen! Connect your iPad or iPhone 4 using a TV out cable and use another iDevice to control the game from the comfort of your couch!

The Mega Jump User Interface has been greatly improved with easier navigation, prettier graphics and more info about your games. You can now also post your scores directly to Facebook and Twitter or email them to your friends right from the Game Over screen!

We’ve also added some major performance improvements to the entire game so everything should run better on all devices!

Happy Jumping!

Nine Million Players have Mega Jump!

Jan 11, 2011   //   by Matt Coombe   //   About Our Games, Announcements  //  28 Comments

Happy New Year everyone! 2010 was an amazing and exciting year and it closed out with a real bang. Over the holidays 2 million people downloaded Mega Jump around the world. That means the current total of Mega Jump players on iPhone and iPod Touch is now more than Nine Million! We are really looking forward to 2011 and all the exciting new stuff we’ll be bringing to our Mega Jump players! Keep Jumping!

Mega Jump on Android this month!

Dec 8, 2010   //   by Matt Coombe   //   About Our Games, Announcements  //  21 Comments

Mega Jump Comes to Android

Get Set Games is excited to announce that Mega Jump will be coming to Android in the next couple of weeks! Mega Jump is compatible with Android 2.0 and up and will be free to download. Mega Jump for Android makes use of OpenFeint’s great social gaming features including global high scores and unlockable achievements.

Mega Jump has been downloaded by more than 7.5 million people worldwide and we’re looking forward to inviting Android gamers to the party!

We’ll be announcing the exact release date soon so stay tuned. In the mean time check out the Android screenshots below at a gorgeous 480×800 resolution.


Mega Jump for Android


Mega Jump for Android


Mega Jump Has Two Million Players!

Aug 10, 2010   //   by Matt Coombe   //   About Our Games, Announcements  //  3 Comments

Mega Jump Has Over Two Million Players!

We’re extremely happy to announce that Mega Jump now has over two million players across the world and counting! Mega Jump continues to grow with six major updates since it’s release in May 2010. The updates have all featured tons of new content and characters and our players can expect many more awesome updates to come.

Thanks once again to all our players and supporters!

Get To Know the Powerups in Mega Jump

May 10, 2010   //   by Derek van Vliet   //   About Our Games  //  22 Comments

The world of Mega Jump is filled with powerups. These give you abilities that help you during your epic journey for brief periods of time. They make you faster, relieve some difficulty, and generally bend the rules in your favor. Here’s a breakdown of all the powerups you will come across in Mega Jump:

The Boost Stars

Boost StarBoost stars are plentiful in the world of Mega Jump. Collecting one of these stars gives our hero a boost, sending him careening upwards. Stars come in a variety of colors, each one more boost-tastic than the last: yellow, green, blue and red.

The Winged Boots

Put a spring in your step by grabbing the winged boots. The boots amplify every jump you make – and they even amplify boost stars. The result is bigger, faster jumps that give you a leg up.

The Magnet

Increase your attractiveness with the magnet. When you have the magnet, you’ll notice that coins, stars and even other powerups can’t resist you. Suddenly collecting items becomes easy as taking candy from a baby.

The Balloon

The balloon gives you a little extra girth, but you’ll also be light as a feather. Grabbing this causes our hero to bloat a little. It will let you float upwards at a leisurely pace, plowing through enemies and other obstacles along the way.

The Umbrella

Slow your descent by collecting the umbrella. This powerup lets you float downwards as gently as Mary Poppins, giving you valuable additional seconds to move left or right to catch the next coin.

The Fireball

Hitch your wagon to this and you’ll go sky-high. The fireball sends you rocketing upwards on a ball of flame and smoke. You’ll barrel through coins, powerups and enemies because nothing can stop you with the fireball!

The Supernova

You had better hang on tight for this one. The supernova is not unlike the fireball, but it has our hero rocketing at such break-neck speeds that he becomes the center of an extremely powerful gravity well. Suddenly all objects are drawn to you like moths to a flame. You will gobble up all the goodies in your path – no exceptions!

These powerups are only the beginning. You can look forward to a lot more powerups coming soon to Mega Jump. And if you have an idea for a Mega Jump powerup, we would love to hear it!


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