Get Set Games was founded in 2009 in Toronto, Ontario by four friends. Since then, the studio has become one of the leading independent game studios working on mobile devices. With over 50 million downloads to date on Apple and Android mobile devices, Get Set Games have created a well-loved and enduring series of games featuring the lovable monster Redford and his forest-dwelling friends.

What We Value

We Value Aesthetic Excellence

  • We strive for excellence, originality and beauty in everything we do
  • Our players experience beauty in smooth gameplay, unique art, and well-crafted design
  • The goal of our technology decisions is to deliver all of that beauty to our players

We Value People

  • We hire skilled people, not resources, and trust them to do excellent work
  • Everyone at Get Set belongs; different perspectives promote innovation and strength
  • Our players are people not demographics

We Value Personal Improvement

  • We are self-motivated and proactively find ways to help the team
  • Team-members take and give feedback as adults, with candor and thoughtfulness
  • Everyone is encouraged to learn, improve, and lead

We Value Good Health

  • We support the hard work of our team by taking care of our team-members
  • Our environment and workplace practices promote emotional and physical wellbeing
  • We recognize and give credit and appreciation to our co-workers


We will make all of our critical decisions based on these values, from staffing to game design. They are that important to us.

But values are words. Culture is action.

If any action we take isn’t in line with these values, that’s a leadership failure. And we’ll fix it.


Our Games