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    Aloha all the way from Hawaii,

    I am still an avid fan of rua2. Have been for years.
    Just discovered rua3 last night. I liked it but there’s a “but”
    Now I haven’t looked yet to see all your details so you may think I’m asking stupid questions. Or wishing silly wishes. :p

    Why is it so laggy? Pretty frustrating. The lag starts as soon as I open the app. I will try to put it on another device to see if it’s on my end. Doesn’t ascend fast enough or react fast enough. I could say more but I’m sure you know what I mean…

    Is there anyway to make them have more jumps like rua2? Or maybe I should ask, is it the same makers as rua2 because it’s concept is kinda the same but it’s just not as smooth. It seems like a first draft from back when these type of games were first created. Back then we suffer through and still play but now there are other choices.

    These days everyone always updates a lot. When can we
    We expect a “smoothened” update? Lol

    I would love to LOVE rua2 just as much as I do rua1!


  • Aloha JeniLove! My first question is what device are you playing on? Do you have an Android device or iOS? Sorry to hear you’re not seeing smooth gameplay. If you can let me know the specific device you are using I can give you a better answer. RUA 3 is is the first RUA in full 3D, so it does tend to run more smoothly on newer devices, but we’re continuing to update the game so that it runs more smoothly on older devices, and you should see that in future updates.

    As for more jumps, the way it works in RUA 3 is that you have a double jump, and you can always jump after you dash. You can do this 3 times before you have to land again. This matches the behavior in Robot Unicorn 1, which we used as reference for RUA 3.

    I can’t promise when the next update will be out, but we have lots of good things planned, so stay tuned!

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