Storm Casters Ultra Nominated for Game of the Week!

Oct 7, 2015   //   by Nick Coombe   //   Uncategorized  //  2 Comments

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We pleased to announce that Storm Casters Ultra has been nominated for Game of the Week by members of Touch Arcade! If you’re an active Touch Arcade member, you can participate in the vote and choose your favourite game by visiting this thread!


  • You know I think this game is fun, I didn’t mind the ads at all because they where non intrusive, I’d watch a few if I needed a little gold or a heart, no big deal at all. However once I hit the 4th or 5th level of dungeons, ads everytime Id enter a new floor, every time I went back to the main menu, every time I go to the dungeon. I’m done, the ads killed the game for me And I won’t be playing anymore. Especially when there are games like hearthstone who don’t have a single ad in their game and are still a top quality iOS game. These intrusive ads made me stop playing and I hope you reconsider how you plan your next game around ads

  • Thanks for the feedback Sjon. We’ll continue to try and balance things on the ad side. We chose to go with opt-in ads, rather than showing any ads directly, since we wanted players to be able to choose how and when to view ads.. Many players have said they appreciate being able to get some additional gold or a heart by choosing to watch an ad, but we understand that not everyone enjoys that option.

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