New Mega Run Update – Lava Caves!

Jun 25, 2015   //   by Nick Coombe   //   Uncategorized  //  5 Comments

It’s the 3rd Anniversary of Mega Run (wow!), and we’re celebrating with a sizzling new update, available right now on the App Store!

Into the Firey Depths

Get ready for a brand new world – the infernal Lava Caves! You’ll feel the heat in this dangerous underground lair as you take on 24 all new stages featuring fiendish traps, crazy jumping puzzles and devious enemies!

One of the best games on the platform. Redford has become the new Sonic.

– Apple’N’Apps

Incredibly well-designed levels with multiple pathways and tons of secrets to discover.

– Touch Arcade

Flame On!

Mega Run now features 6 huge worlds with this update, bringing the total number of stages (including the awesome bonus stages) to a staggering 150! World 6 – Lava Caves features some of the most fun levels we’ve ever created and we can’t wait for you to try them! Check out the hot screenshots below!



  • Oh wow, so THIS is that “Lava World” that was cleverly hidden in the game’s menus.

    Thanks for doing this, guys! I was beginning to think that Mega Run was dead.

    Now if only we can get some androidOS love…

  • Those screenshots look like Mega Run will support very HD! Too bad the game isn’t very HD yet. Also, will you update this to Android and Windows 8? I hope very HD supports iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, iPad 3rd generation, iPad 4th generation, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 2 and iPad Mini 3! Also, will it support iOS 9 after its release along with Mega Jump, Mega Jump 2 and Mega Blast?

  • I love the app, I haven’t been able to open the new levels yet because it keeps crashing.

  • Hi guys since I updated the game and I downloaded the new levels the game is not working I deleted the game and download it again but still crashing I can’t play any new level
    Any advice please thanks

  • I really love the game but can’t seem to play lava world, what can I do?

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