Mega Blast – Coming This Summer!

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Redford’s Back With a Bang!

It’s boomtime! Redford is back in Mega Blast – a block-breaking, coin-grabbing, bomb-throwing slice of monstrous mayhem! Redford and his friends spring to life in glorious 3D for the first time!

We’re very proud to announce Mega Blast, our first 3D game, and our first game to use the amazing Unreal Engine 4. Mega Blast features intuitive tap and swipe controls, madcap action, incredible effects and great performance across a range of devices.

Making Mayhem

We’ve had an absolute blast (pun very much intended) using Unreal Engine 4 so far. What started out as a test of this new engine has become something much richer and more rewarding than we could have imagined, in the form of Mega Blast.

Even though UE4 is a cutting-edge engine, used on AAA console and PC games, it also gives us the ability to optimize for lower-end mobile devices; we’re getting a solid 30fps even on the venerable ¬†iPhone 4S, with more optimization still to come. Devices that are metal-capable on the other hand will take full advantage of the engine with console-quality effects and performance, and the game looks amazing on the large screens of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. It’s really a game-changer.

An Epic Surprise

We are also very grateful (and surprised!) to accept a generous dev grant from Epic to help us complete the game and give it the final polish that it deserves. So a huge thank you to Epic! You can find out more about Epic’s awesome Unreal Dev Grant program on their site.

Here are some screenshots from Mega Blast, which is getting closer to Beta every day!


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  • Oh, wow, lookie here! :D

    Bizarrely enough, I predicted this. After jump, run, I figured that it would either be “Dive” (sswimming), or “Blast” (this).

    Regardless, it’s great to see that GSG is still a go! I almost thought you guys were dead. :(
    I’m so glad that our little red monster will see another mobile release!

    Any chance on a trailer sometime soon?

  • Thanks Marcus! We’re still very much alive and kicking after a quiet year of planning and R&D (and a change of engines!). Mega Blast is very much a natural progression, for sure, but we have more Mega games planned with the new engine, so the coming year should definitely be busier for Redford!

    As for a trailer, you can expect an official trailer (as opposed to the gameplay preview above) closer to the launch later this summer!

  • Are the Mega series all removed from Play Store?

  • why this has not been released yet?

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