Storm Casters is Available Now!

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The Storm is Here!

Lost and alone after escaping from your burning village, you find yourself at the entrance to an ancient and forgotten dungeon. With no way back, your adventure begins here as you uncover the power of the Storm Casters and conquer the mysteries below!

Storm Casters is an action-packed dungeon adventure game from the makers of Mega Jump and Mega Run! Find and collect rare Battle Cards to discover new spells, blast enemies with explosive elemental powers, and evolve your character to become a mighty Storm Caster!

Change the Cards, Change the Game

• The Battle Cards you take into the dungeon make every game unique!
• Random dungeon layouts create infinitely changing floors
• Secret treasure rooms, hidden passages, and devilish traps to discover

Choose Your Sorceror

• Select and Evolve your character into new and powerful forms
• Collect treasures from the depths and use them to upgrade your character
• More than 60 Battle Card spells to collect, fuse, and power up

Huge Amounts of Gameplay

• A massive dungeon to explore, with 50 fiendish floors
• Over 30 different enemy types to discover
• Intense Boss Fights!

Thank You Get Set Fans!

Thanks to all the Get Set fans out there near and far, young and old, who’ve been with us from the start or just now started jumpin’ or runnin’. You guys are the reason we can keep making awesome games and we can’t wait for you to try Storm Casters! Grab it here:!


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