Now It’s Mega Run’s Turn!

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Big news once again Get Set fans – on top of Mega Jump Plus and brand new updates to both Mega Run and Mega Jump coming soon we have another big announcement: Mega Run now has a premium version available as well! That’s right, it’s Mega Run Plus!

More Mega Run Than Ever Before!

Mega Run Plus is packed to the gills with features to get you the utmost in value.

Features include:

  • All 5 bonus stage packs are FREE!
  • No in-game advertisements!
  • Marty is free and playable right away!
  • A free bag of currency and 5 free save stars!

What’s even better is all your progress from the free version of Mega Run will be carried over automatically to the premium version via iCloud! So no progress gets lost while YOU gain stages, stars, currency, and a character.

Mega Run Plus is available now, so head to the Appstore at and get running!

Free Updates Coming Soon

Along with Mega Run and Mega Jump Plus we have brand new updates for the free Mega Run and Mega Jump versions as well to be released soon. More information is on the way Mega Runners and Mega Jumpers!

As always, thanks to all Get Set fans for the support and feedback, you guys rock! Keep on running and jumping!



  • Are you guys even updating this or Mega Jump for Android OS anymore?

  • Hi Marcus,

    We’ve been pretty busy with the Mega Jump 2 release lately, but we haven’t forgotten about you. We do still plan on releasing updates for Android players, but I don’t have an estimate for when the next update will be.

    Sorry for the inconvenience,


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