Mega Run Update 4 Out Now!

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It’s shaping up to be a HUGE holiday season from Get Set Games, with two beefy updates for Mega Run and Mega Jump, and much more to come!

iPhone 5? iPhone 5!

Yes that’s right, Mega Run now takes full advantage of the glorious widescreen of the iPhone 5!

Mega Run really shines with the wider view, and iPhone 5 players might even get a slight advantage from seeing what’s coming up just a little bit sooner!

On iCloud 9

Mega Run has been given a big overhaul to fully support iCloud syncing! Get Set had a great run with Openfeint, which we have used right from our very first game, Addicus, and was instrumental in helping to promote Mega Jump when it first launched. Sadly, Openfeint will be closing down on December 14th, and will be no more.

Get Set would like to extend a big thank-you to everyone on the Openfeint team that helped get us to where we are today, and diligently worked with us over the years to deliver great stuff for our awesome players! You guys made a big difference to Get Set!

iCloud support in Mega Run is seamless. Just make sure you’re signed in to iCloud and it will keep all your progress safe!

Keeping Bugs on the Run

We’ve also done a lot of work under the hood to stamp out a few bugs that we’d noticed some players were seeing, and the latest version of Mega Run is our most solid yet.

Some Fine Festive Friends

Since ’tis this season, the usual cast of characters are joined by Redford the Elf, Rudrolf the Rolfnosed Rolfdeer and, making a return for 2012, Bryan the space-faring snowman!



  • When will mega run come to android. I’m sure 1000000+ android user are waiting for it.

  • Hi there,

    Keep an eye on our Facebook page. We’ll have some big news for you regarding Mega Run for Android in the near future.


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