Mega Run #1 Around the World!

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Wow! Mega Run is now #1 in 21 countries around the world! We’ve been astonished by the response from players and reviewers alike and we’d like to say a huge, huge

to everyone that has made Mega Run a success! It took a while to get Mega Run out the door, but you all made it so worthwhile!

Let’s Review the Situation

Reviews have been coming in steadily since Mega Run launched on May 30th. Here is a selection of what people are saying:

“The most addictive platfomer yet”
App Advice

“This game will very much enchant you…and keep you happy the entire time you’re playing. Not just smiling, but genuinely happy.”

“Offers all the thrills and spills a side-scrolling platform game should”
Mac World

“It’s a joy to play and easy to get wrapped up in, just by virtue of how savagely it slays every point of design possible in a modern runner.”
Touch Arcade

“One of the best games on the platform. Redford has become the new Sonic.”

“A fantastic auto-runner”
148 Apps

“Mobile gaming done right”
Inside Mobile Apps

“You’ll fall in love with Redford’s adventure”

“Mega Run is an addictive endless runner with non-stop super fun action and plenty of gameplay”
Pad Gadget

“The most adorable little platformer”
Revision 3 – App Judgement (Video Review)

“Mega Run bursts with life and doesn’t pull its punches”
App Spy (Video Review)

“Absolutely awesomely fun”
Crazy Mike’s Apps (Video Review)

“Best Free App of 2012 – 10/10″
The iPod Touch World (Video Review)

“One of the best free apps I’ve ever played”
iPad Up (Video Review)


  • Just started crashing. Wassup?

  • Should bring fixes for both Megarun and Megajump.
    Both cause crashes on iPod 4g

  • Please make Megarun for Mac OS!!

  • Mega Run crashes every 2nd or 3rd session on level 49. Happens soon after starting
    I can’t reach level 50. Points stopped being added to total at about 99% of level 49.

  • This could be the jet pack bug – check to see if it happens after you get the jet pack. This bug will be fixed in the next update!

  • This could be the jet pack bug – check to see if it happens after you get the jet pack. This bug will be fixed in the next update!

  • Hi Markus – when do you see the crashes happen?

  • Will there be New worlds in the next Update fixing the Jet-Pack Bug? And by what is it caused? There are also some performance lags from time to time.

  • How about android?

  • The update that fixes the bug (Update 1) won’t have a new world in it but it will also fix performance issues and a bunch of other bugs. We’re working on the next world right now, and that will be in the update after that (Update 2)

  • We’re working on the Android version right now. We’re going to make sure it’s as close to the iOS version as possible, and we are aiming to release it this summer!

  • New worlds won’t download on iPhone if I’m not connected to WiFi at the moment I unlock them. I had to delete the game then download it again when I unlocked Tropic Shore and now I’m having the same problem with Palm Cove.

  • Hi Mikey – you should only have to close the game from the multitask bar then restart it (with an internet connection) to download the new world. You shouldn’t have to delete the game.

  • That’s probably the Mega (red) Jetpack bug. That will be fixed in the next update!

  • I already tried but it still doesn’t work ! what should I do ?

  • I love it mega jump is the best

  • Mega run crashes Every time i want to play. When a level is loading it crashes. :( i love mega jump a lot so please fix it :) ! Xxx

  • When can the updates be expected? It is obnoxious and frustrating to have the game lock up and close, I will not continue to play the game in its current form. Please give us a date, I want to play the game without crashes…

  • We’re just waiting for Apple to approve the first update which will fix the crash bug, so it should be out next week with any luck!

  • We’re just waiting for Apple to approve the latest update that fixes the crash, so it should be out soon!

  • Thanks!

  • Please get in touch with us at if you haven’t already and we’ll see what we can do.

  • Hey I installed the update on my iPhone and I love it. You can get a new character if you reach level 99 but my progress is stuck at level 50. I can’t seem to progress any further? plz help?


  • the new update is great :)
    but shortly after downloading it and playing a level, i got to the bit where it says level up and it went up to level 1278 and then crashed!!! haven’t seen the xp bar since and i’m back to level 50.
    wondering if anyone else has seen it or has an explanation?
    other than that it’s such a great game!!!

  • Im having the same problems as Wim. It’s stuck on level 49 and I have the update??????

  • so ummmm…. When is this going to be on Android? It seems like every company that makes games for both iOS and Android short the Android players with less features and games even. It kind of sucks because, at the end of the day, if we make in app purchases you would charge us the same amount of money as you would an iOS player.

  • I have reached a level 50 but can not go any further I really want to unlock pepper on level 99

  • me to plz plz help us

  • Why not android????

  • when will it come for android

  • The second world, Tropic Shore says “downloading” and the progress bar is stuck at just a tiny bit. I love Mega Run! What do I do now? 

  • Any closer maybe a date

  • I don’t have an iphone, I have an android and I want to play this game. I love mega jump. Please let me be able to download to my android. Thaks

  • How about android?

  • I hope that it comes on android

  • I wonder why all the android questions are being ignored. We want to know when will it be available for android please.

  • When is the Android app going to be ready? 2/3rd of the smartphone market is Android so why the delay.

  • I have this on iPad but I carry my nexus 7 around now. can android get some love?

  • So many months ago we are asking for android version. Any update right now? Any closer date?

  • i hate u so.much! i have an android too and i ve been waiting a long time for playing this game or the megajump updates (with the other words and halloween characters). You said in summer for android but u lie and you always prefeer update the games for iphones than make it work for android :(

  • Hi Mak! We’re still working on the Android version of Mega Run.

  • I already buy all of powerups and player. And yesterday my level is 5-13. I played it. And it was crash. When i open it again i was suprised. My level from 50 became level 1. My money from 19887 became 0. The stages is locked. only 1-1 i can play. When i see the player, all of them is locked. I thought that was error. So i restart my ipod, and i open megarun nothing different. Only pepper that was unlocked because last time, i was played with pepper. I hope somebody could help me thank you. here is the picture pepper in front page.

  • Hey Coralolivia20,

    I am very sorry to hear about this issue. Unfortunately, we cannot restore progress on the latest version of Mega Run. We are working hard on a solution to this issues. I will keep your contact information and contact you as soon as we can restore progress to your account. To ensure this does not happen again, please sign into your iCloud account as soon as possible.

    Can you provide some information about your device? Are you using an iPhone, iPad, or an iPod? What generation is it? What firmware do you have installed? Are you using an iCloud account? Any additional information you can provide will be helpful. We want to sure this does not happen again.

    Very sorry for the inconvenience,

  • I know mega run is coming this mounth but do you have a date please contact.

  • Hi mega master, Mega Run is available at the Google Play store today (April 4th). Here’s the link: Thanks for your patience!

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