It’s Official – Play Mega Run May 30th!

Apr 27, 2012   //   by Andy Smith   //   Uncategorized  //  7 Comments

Mark your calendars, cancel your plans and take the day off work – Mega Run is hitting the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch on May 30th!

In Mega Run – Redford’s Adventure, you’ll once again take on the role of Redford the adorable woodland-dwelling monster, as he dashes across beautifully rendered worlds to rescue his lost friends and recover the stolen Forest Gems.

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  • no android?

  • It doesn’t work for me. It blinks then goes back to the home screen.

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  • It is still  not in the German appstore ;(


  • Is there any update on when/if it will be availble on Android?

  • When for android ?

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