The 12th Day of Mega Jump: A Brand New World!

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Introducing Aeria!

For the 12th Day of Mega Jump, Get Set gave to me: Aeria – A Brand New World!

Explore an enchanted land of ancient forests, glittering mines and cloud-oceans filled with majestic flying whales! Aeria features 20 stages of  brand new artwork and all new coin and block patterns!

The twelfth and final day brings the biggest surprise we’ve ever had – we certainly saved the best for last!

The 12 Days of Mega Jump!

We want to thank everyone who played Mega Jump during the 12 Days of Mega Jump! We had so much fun setting up surprises for you to discover every day. This year we gave out 2500 MP, 8 Save Stars, we had a sale on Characters, Pocket Powers, and MP, we released Aeria, an entire new world, 3 holiday versions of your favorite characters, and one very special snowman named Bryan!

Don’t Forget!

Santa Redford, Buster’s Lights, Chimp in a Box and Bryan are only going to be in the store until the end of the holidays! Don’t miss out; unlock them now!

We can’t wait to see what the New Year brings for Mega Jump and our amazing players! Whatever it is, we’re sure it’ll be amazing and you’ll love it.

Until next time: Keep on Jumping!

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  • How are you supposed to unlock this? It doesn’t show up in the store or in the level select.

  • How do u get aeria??

  • Restart the app.

  • It’s in the store under the fourth bottom tab.
    You’ll get a choice of either Magica or Aeria, scroll left or right to Aeria and unlock it for 2500 Mpts.
    if it’s not there reupload the app or turn off your iphone/ipad/itouch and reopen it. 
    open the app, click the ‘News’ option and if it mentions something about Aeria and the twelfth day then follow where the news directs you.

  • Hi, 
    when it is on android?

  • Ensure you are online and Aeria will be in your stage select as well as the store

  • When are you guys gonna let us android users be able to have more worlds?? Not kool that only iphone users get to have more worlds

  • I like this

  • Graphics are awesome!

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