Mega Jump Update 16 Out Now!

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A Challenger Approaches!

Grab your friends and get ready to rumble with Update 16 for Mega Jump – available right now on the App Store! Update 16 features new Weekly Tournaments so you can go head to head against your friends on Openfeint and Game Center, and keep track of who’s in the lead! The leaderboards are refreshed every week so you’ll always get a new chance to take on challengers or steal the crown from the reigning champ. Here are some of your comments on the latest update!

“This game is beyond awesome. Very addictive, you have been warned. Once you pick it up, you aren’t going to want to put it down.”

– Michael Brown

“I love it and the new update is ninja!!”

– achaar

“This is the best game in the whole world even though I don’t have everything but it’s awesome”

– Jeromono

With Great Powerups Come Great Responsibility…

Update 16 also features amazing new Pocket Powerups! Megacharge your Powerups each time you play with the most powerful Powerups in the game! Mix and match your Pocket Powers to get more MP, take on enemies or boost your way to the stars! If you’re a Mega Jump expert, or if you’ve maxed out your Powerups, you can also add more challenge to the game by doubling the stage lengths, permanently attaching a ball and chain or by disabling powerups completely for one game!

We Love You All!

Thanks a bazillion to all of our fantastic Mega Jump fans! Let us know what you think of the latest update and new characters. We’re always listening and our updates are based on your great feedback. Now get going and challenge your friends to a Pocket Power battle royale!


  • Mega jump is at its best when you have a lot of mp

  • Best game ever so fun

  • More fun and cool characters to come.

  • Dude I update the game and everithing but I can’t get man can you help me.

  • Good

  • I can’t see the characters 🙁

  • Email us at and we can help you out!

  • Thanks!

  • We’re happy to help. 
    Email us at

  • good

  • Good

  • Can you help my game is glitching and then my I phone freezes

  • i love mega jump! IT IS AWESOME!!!!!!

  • Mega jump is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and I love it

  • How do you use a pocket power once you add it?

  • Awesome

  • I love mega jump it’s so fun

  • How do you use the pocket powers after you add them?

  • Really fun! I love it

  • I love this game I got all the power ups and charters there all great but I also unlocked all the levels but there kind of hard

  • This game is cool I like the rabbit and fridge

  • Email us at and we can help you out!

  • We can help, send us an email and we’ll do what we can

  • You can get the Mega Jump on Google Play now!

  • Mega Jump ist das geilste Spiel allerzeiten

  • This is the best gam ever

  • It’s nice

  • its not working

  • It will be calm

  • I LOVE mega jump, is so good!!!!!!
    Faites en d’ autre! <3

  • I need help with pocket powers. Every time I choose a stage, there is no button saying to activate pocket powers. How do I get one? Plz help. Thx

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