Android Update 4.1 is Live!

Oct 19, 2011   //   by Andy Smith   //   Uncategorized  //  3 Comments

Get it now!This is a minor, but very important update for a lot of our users! There’s nothing too exciting here for some of our existing users, but just wait for Update 5 (we’re working on it now and it’s a doozy).

Better Support!

  • We’ve worked out a fix for the random crash issues some users were having on the Samsung Galaxy SII!
  • We’ve added support for qHD screens! No more black bars!

Minor, but Awesome Changes!

  • Pressing your phone’s back button will let you navigate the menus and pause the game! Just like you’d expect it to!
  • We’ve updated and removed some of the permissions we are asking for!
  • Even more bug fixes and optimizations! We want to see Mega Jump running like a dream on every phone we support!

As always, if you love Mega Jump and this Update, please let us know in the comments and by leaving us a five-star rating in the Android Market.

Until next time: Keep on Jumping!

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  • YES!!! The back button will help a ton!!!!

  • Glad it helps!

  • is it possible to play mega jump on galaxy S??

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