Win a Pair of Sol Republic Headphones by Playing Mega Jump!

Oct 18, 2011   //   by Mike Sandercock   //   Uncategorized  //  11 Comments

Rock Out with the Latest Kiip Competition!

The newest Kiip competition is on! Get a Top 100 High Score before the competition ends to win a pair of awesome headphones from Sol Republic!

Wow! Tell Me More!

  • Play Mega Jump on iOS between Oct. 18th and Oct 19th for a chance to win!
  • Two different types of headphones to win! Tracks (on-ear) or Amps (in-ear)
  • Get a top 100 place score to win!
  • US players only this time

Head over here to check out the leader board and see how you place! Remember, you just need to get into the top 100 to win!






Good Luck and Happy Jumping!


  • I’m unable to authorise the app (in Twitter) I get an error saying “Authorize Error – the URL can’t be shown”

  • We are looking into the issue. Twitter may be doing some backend maintenance, try again in a few hours.

  • And what about europeans .. =(

  • Sorry, US only for this competition. There will be more world wide competitions in the future.

  • how do you check the leaderboards?

  • how do you check the leaderboards?

  • nvm found it

  • nvm found it

  • I hate this. I got up to 1450000 and the game crashed. I want those tracks or amps!!!!!!!

  • The crash you are experiencing is due to the amount of memory available on your device. When playing for a very long period of time, like you are doing, the devices memory can start to get low and in rare cases cause a crash. I have list some suggestions below that will greatly help increase the available memory for the game.

    Do not play music in the background while playing Mega Jump

    Do not return to the home screen while playing a game to use other Apps. Repeatedly returning to the home screen to use other apps while going for a high score uses a lot of memory. Avoid Tweeting, Facebooking, etc while playing a game as this also uses a lot of memory

    Close all background apps that you do not need to have running. Double tap your home button to show the apps that are currently running in the background. Press and hold the icon you wish to close. Tab the minus icon in the top left corner of the icon. Close all apps that you are not using.

    Do a power-cycle on your device before you start playing. Press and hold the lock button. Slide the ‘Power Off’ slider to the left. Once the device is off, wait ten seconds. Press and hold the lock button to turn the device on again. Start Mega Jump once the device is finished starting up

    Unfortunately, we cannot add a score to any leader boards, including the SOL Republic competition. If you used Save Stars to get to your high score we would be happy to restore them to your account. You will have to enter the competition again from the Kiip pop-up when you first start Mega Jump and try again. We are very sorry for the problem.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.


  • Okay. Thank you. May I have 15 save stars back?

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