The Mega Jump Guinness World Record goes to Philipp Schneckenburger!

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Making History

Congratulations to Philipp Schneckenburger from Switzerland who scored a massive 6,133,889 points to claim the the first ever Guinness World Record for a high score in Mega Jump! Get Set Games partnered with Kiip and Guinness to host the World Record competition, which was held from September 28th to October 3rd, 2011. You can read more about Phillip’s record-breaking attempt, and the competition, on WIRED, Techcrunch and Mashable!

Jumping to the Top

The competition was fierce, with hundreds of thousands of Mega Jump players vying for the top spot. To even break into the top 50, players would need to score over 2 million points. Phillip managed to stay head and shoulders above the rest with his astonishing score, and for that Get Set Games salutes you, sir! You have entered Mega Jump and Guinness history!

The Top Ten Players

Special congratulations to everyone that managed to make it into the Top 10. Here they are:

  1. phildaagony-switzerland (aka Philipp Schneckenburger)  6,133,889
  2. Missile1337 5,328,110
  3. Werner Ignacio Gonzalez Holtheuer 5,229,149
  4. Daniel 3,709,888
  5. jordan driediger 3,679,145
  6. briggycl 3,672,833
  7. Brian Aldoney 3,595,193
  8. Sergio Aguilar 3,471,501
  9. zia ahmad 3,426,451
  10. @damtzx 3,333,361

Thanks again to everyone that took part – you are all Elite Mega Jumpers!


  • Congrats Philipp! It’s quite an honor!

  • My friend got 6,255,000 and in counting so get your weight up shneckenburger

  • I got 70000000 in one day my name OSCAR last name Gutierrez number
    405 622 8174

  • i do 24 millions of points im megajump!!!!! i’m the first!!!!

  • i do 24 millions of points im megajump!!!!! i’m the first!!!!

  • look at my facebook and see!!! in my wall is the photos of the records!!!

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