Mega Jump – Mega Update 15 Out Now!

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At long last, Update 15 is finally here, and it’s the biggest update to Mega Jump that Get Set Games has ever released! Update 15 features a brand new world called Magica, which adds 20 new stages, doubling the number of stages in the game!

A Whole New World

Magica is a mysterious and beautiful world filled with spooky canyons, floating cities and ancient space ruins. Magica features brand new artwork and a ton of new coin and block patterns – it’s like a whole new game! Here’s what fans are saying about Update 15 so far:

“Awesome new update!!!”

– guy1fell

“Mega jump is the single greatest app on the app store!”

– Schluttpa

“Don’t bother looking up fun. This game defines it.”

– Dr. Dr.

But Wait, There’s More!

Update 15 also has a ton of tweaks and improvements, including Rolf the Wolf, the new Mega friend chosen by you in our Facebook poll! Click the image below to see what we’ve jammed into Update 15!

Click to Expand

You Rock!

Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you to all of our awesome Mega Jump fans – our updates are based on your feedback and support. Mega Jump keeps evolving with your help and, as always, there’s more amazing stuff just around the corner. In the meantime, enjoy Magica and keep jumping!



  • We have another update in the works now!

  • Thanks!

  • Thanks!!!!!

  • You copied me.

  • I don’t have in my shop any of the holiday characters and I don’t have redfold1 and redfold2 I don’t ha e add a friend so I don’t know what should I do please help me mega jump!

  • Very good game to play. It’s addictive but fun.

  • I cannot update 15 onto my iPhone for all the new levels. Can anyone tell me how I can download it.

  • It is very nice

  • 最近,没有人物,不能玩了,可能刚升的系统,一打开就退出来,打开商店一个人物都没有,我等一下下一次更新吧。不知道行不行。

  • This game is the best!

  • Cute animations

  • Great game! Love it!

    Why is there not as much content on Android as there is on iOS?

  • Make sure you are connected to the internet! Our new levels are downloadable and will appear in the game once you play with an internet connection

  • This os the better game of the world 🙂

  • I know right

  • I had the same problem and went to the apple store. you have to turn on your I-whatever double press your home button, all the apps u have open should appear at the bottom …press and hold when they begin to shake hit the x. This will close them. Oi

  • It’s not working

  • The best games and i love 4ever

  • so。love!

  • It s loose. Very looser

  • I love it

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