Mega Jump Update 14 Now Available!

Jun 1, 2011   //   by Matt Coombe   //   About Our Games, Announcements  //  9 Comments

Hey Mega Jumpers! Thanks again for making Mega Jump one of the most popular iOS games on Earth! Your support and feedback has meant the world to us. Now get ready for another huge update! Here’s what is new in Mega Jump Update 14:

Shrinkify! Watch out for the new Shrinkify potion! It will make you tiny!

Over 30 New Coin Patterns! Bounce and weave through tons of new patterns of coins, stars, powerups and blocks!

See Your Progress! Check out your progress in the Pause menu! See how far you have to go to finish the current stage!

News! Get the latest Mega Jump news delivered right to your device!

New Characters and Wallpapers Coming Soon! Keep an eye out in the Store for new characters and wallpapers! New ones could appear at any time!

And More! Numerous bug fixes!

Check out some new screenshots below!




  • how about the android’s update? Work on X10mini plz

  • Awww, the game has a guaranteed crash every time I open the store from somewhere other than the main menu. Using iPod 2nd gen on iOS 4.2

  • When i’m playing half way suddenly theres a little lag

  • I am really disappointed that it hasn’t appeared on x10mini’s android market yet for so long.

  • Please an update for Android….

  • I feel like the Upgrades/Characters should be shown as previews ingame.
    The descriptions of the store items arent very good.

    I also noticed that the new characters all have the same voice.
    I found it kind of weird that Pepper sounded just like Redford. It might even just be him in a penguin costume O.o
    I think these guys should have different voice actors and abilities that separate them from the regular… if its not too much trouble.

    Anyways, great app. Highly addictive, I just love the music and most of all; the artwork!

  • Thanks for the suggestions! We hope to add all of the ideas into Mega Jump eventually.

  • how do you save progress?

  • Just sign into an Open Feint account and progress will be saved automatically 

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