Mega Jump is One Year Old Today! Here’s a Birthday Gift!

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It’s hard to believe, but Mega Jump was released one year ago today . The original version of Mega Jump took just a month to make, had only one character (Redford of course!), no stages, no bounce, break or spike blocks, no store and no upgradable powerups.  It also wasn’t free! But there was something special about the game that people loved, and we’ve been updating the game ever since based on your great ideas and requests. Here’s the first Mega Jump announcement from way back in April 2010

The More the Merrier

Since then – over the course of 13 updates – Redford has been joined by 14 new friends, discovered dozens of awesome powerups, taken on new enemies and challenges and found the secret at the end of the Universe! Not only that but over 14 million people around the world have played Mega Jump, and thousands more are joining in every day!

A Birthday Song

What better way to celebrate Redford’s Birthday than with his own special song? For those of you who have been asking for the Mega Jump Theme Song, here it is finally, free to download!


Keep On Jumping!

The party’s just getting started! Updates 14 and 15 are just around the corner, bursting with new features, including 30 brand new coin patterns, a new hazard, and in Update 15, a brand new adventure

Stay tuned!



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  • Happy Birthday Mega Jump!! Congratulations!

  • Happy Birthday Mega Jump!! Congratulations!

  • Happy Birthday Mega Jump ^^

  • Happy Birthday ! … we waiting for a Ipad Version !

  • Happy Un-Birthday To You.

  • happy birthday and time for the sibling mega run to be born , right ?

  • Continue on android update and put it into x10mini !!! THZZZZ

  • Wooohoooooo!

  • STOP CRASHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  •  instead of giving a music.. y not give us a high resolution wallpaper.. with the complete characters in it.. for us to have a nice wallpaper too 🙂

  • Happy Birthday Redford!

  • Thanks for the suggestion! This is something we will think about for a future update.


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