Mega Jump Android Update 3 Now Available!

May 2, 2011   //   by Andy Smith   //   About Our Games, Announcements  //  15 Comments

Get it Now!Once again, we are very happy to announce that another update to Mega Jump Android is now available in the Android Market! Included in Update 3 are two new characters, two new upgradeable power ups and some serious under-the-hood tweaks!

Tyrone the T-Rex and Dizzy the Flightless Dragon!

  • Tyrone is the terrifyingly cute King of the Tyrannosaurs with an insatiable hunger for tantalizingly tasty power ups.
  • Dizzy is the most adorable Flightless Blue Dragon around and just wants to soar through the skies like his giant, fire-breathing cousins.

The Upgradable Balloon!

  • The balloon has been converted to be upgradable in the store!
  • When you upgrade the Balloon, you will grow even bigger!
  • The Balloon will make you grow so big that you’ll get a sidekick that orbits you!
  • Upgrade the Balloon to the Mega Balloon to get as many as 6 orbiting sidekicks!

The Incredible Upgradable Action Umbrella!

  • The Action Umbrella has been converted to be upgradable in the store!
  • When you upgrade the Action Umbrella to the Turbo Action Umbrella, coins will rain down from the sky. Turbo Action Umbrella and up also emits a tractor beam that draws in coins that are beneath you!
  • Keep upgrading to the Mega Action Umbrella to increase the downpour of coins and increase the amount of coins that are sucked in from below!

Under-the-hood Upgrades!

  • Faster Loading!
  • Fewer Crashes & Bugs!
  • Better Device Compatibility!


If you love Mega Jump and this Update, please let us know in the comments and by leaving us a five-star rating in the Android Market.

Until next time: Keep on Jumping!

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  • No new levels…

  • PARA CUANDO PARA EL XPERIA X10 MINI???????????????????????

  • Still can’t work on x10mini yet T_T ….so sad with it…..

  • Thank you very much!! :)

  • I love You get set games !!! ;)

  • Hi Mike saw you followed me on Heyzap on android can i ask why?

  • I was just playing around with Heyzap, I may have accidentally friended anyone from my email. Sorry about that.

  • When will be the next android update and can it be on x10mini ? I hope so . Thz

  • Thats ok:) i was happy when i saw you followed me:)

  • Thats ok:) i was happy when i saw you followed me:)

  • I would love to play this, but i cant seem to find Megajump in the Dutch Marketplace, not with the link, not with de QR-code :(

  • If your device is not support you will not be able to see the game in the Android Market. We are working to bring Mega Jump to more devices with our future updates

  • Why does android get fewer updates than iphones and ipods

  • Our Mega Jump has been out on iOS for over a year now, so we have had a lot more time to work on it and get the rhythm right. We are very new to Android and are working hard to get Mega Jump Android up to speed. To make up for all of the delay we have an exclusive Android only character coming for free! Sorry for all of the inconvenience.

  • Do you know when the next update will be coming out?? :)

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