Mega Jump Update 14 Preview: 30 Brand New Challenges, See Your Progress & Get Shrinkified!

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The new Updates keep on rolling with Update 14 for iOS, which will include a staggering 30 brand new challenges to take on! Swim through seas of stars, wind your way along trails of blue coins and take on devious enemies and the always tricky Trickster coins who, if they had sleeves, would have even more tricks up them! Tricky!

That Shrinking Feeling

But watch out! There’s a new danger in the mix! In a puff of green vapor the Shrinkify potion will shrink you down to a quarter of your normal size! Coins and enemies will loom over you, and you’ll have to aim carefully so you don’t fall through the gaps! It might not be all bad though – maybe there are places only tiny monsters can reach?

Making Progress

Speaking of reaching new places – by popular request we’ve added a progress meter on the pause screen that can show you how far you need to go to reach the next stage, so no more guessing!


Pon Pon Sails the Stars

Sheldon Shellacks a Pair of Purple Nurples

Pepper Plunges into Peril!

Update 14 will be available in May!

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  • Please give us android users the same versions. Fff we still just have 10 levels. Come on!

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