Mega Jump Lucky Update 13 Now Available – Again!

Apr 29, 2011   //   by Nick Coombe   //   Uncategorized  //  3 Comments

Update 13 is now ready to roll… Again! After running into a few problems with “lucky” Update 13, we pulled it back into the garage for some retooling. Many late nights and buckets of coffee later, and Update 13 is now ready to hit the streets. Here’s what’s new:

New Character: Pepper!

  • Who says penguins can’t fly? Pepper just wants to stretch her wings and reach higher than any penguin has before!
  • You asked for it: we made this character based on another very successful Facebook poll!

Backup All of Your Progress to OpenFeint!

  • Thanks to some fantastic advances from OpenFeint, we’re now able to backup your progress, unlocked items and Mega Points to your OpenFeint account!
  • If you haven’t already created an OpenFeint account, do it now in the settings menu!
  • Never lose your progress again!


Thanks for your patience and our apologies to anyone that was affected by the bug in the previous version of the update.

Hot on the heels of Update 13, we have some absolutely fantastic new features coming in Updates 14 and 15, so look out for more news about that very soon!

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  • What happened to the free MP?

  • A new interpretation of the policies at Apple that means we had to remove TapJoy/The Free MP option for the time being. Here’s some information on what happened:

  • Great! Now plz continue on the screen resolution on x10mini !


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