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Many of you have experienced issues installing our latest update from the App Store; update 13.  In some cases this has resulted in people losing many of their hard earned Mega Points.  This is absolutely not what we want to happen to our players and we have been contacted by several of you already to address those issues.

Due to the severity of these issues we have temporarily removed Mega Jump from the App Store.  We are working to resolve things quickly and hope to have Mega Jump back on the App Store shortly.

If you have experienced any loss of your purchase of Mega Points, power-ups, characters, etc. as a result of installing update 13 please let us know so we can work with you to correct those issues.

The best ways to reach us are…

Thank you very much everyone for all your patience and support.  Please do not hesitate to contact us.


  • Hi, I am another one that lost his mega points. I am going to collect them back but two days ago I did a record (more than 2.000.000) but it has not been updated on Game Center and OpenFeint, is it due to your removal from the App Store? How can I solve this?

  • Hi Emanuele. Send an inquiry into our support team through our contact form ( ) and we’ll work to resolve those problems with you.

  • I already did but I have not got any answer until now.

  • Hello, I do not have mega jump downloaded on my iPod but I would really like to get it. Do you have any idea of when it is going to be back on the app store?

  • hello i am another person who lost all of there game data, unfortunately i bought quite a few mega points and due to a game freeze and reload, everything has being lost or reset

  • Email us at and we can help you out!

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