Update 14 Sneak Peak: Ultra Hard and Super Easy Modes!

Apr 1, 2011   //   by Nick Coombe   //   Announcements  //  9 Comments

We’re keeping the Updates rolling! Update 13 is just around the corner, with Pepper the Penguin, the ability to store all of your progress so you’ll never lose it, and a ton of speed-enhancing tweaks, but we’re not done yet!

Shortly after Update 13, we’re bringing a brand new set of challenges to Mega Jump! Because you asked for it, we’re proud to present Ultra Hard and Super Easy stages!

Super Easy Stages

Can’t get past Stage 1? Tired of endlessly playing the same stage over and over again? Do you dream of an endless green forest and the tantalizing glimpse of the city beyond that you can never seem to reach? Well, try out the Super Easy stages!

Right from the get-go you’ll be practically handed coins by the bucket-full. Skill and luck don’t really come into it – you’ll have a harder time avoiding coins and powerups than trying to stay airborne! And with rows and rows of bounce blocks to keep you safe, up is the only option! Not only that, but if by some disastrous fluke you find yourself falling – don’t worry, the Mega Trampoline is there to cushion your fall and send you hurtling back into the fields of gold again.

If you’d rather watch than play, Super Easy mode is for you – just sit back, relax, put your hands behind your head, and let the Mega Points roll in!


Ride Those Red Stars Ridley!

Ultra Hard Stages

Beat all 20 Stages? Unlocked all the powerups and characters? Need a new challenge? Well get ready for pain with the Ultra Hard stages!

Take on wall after wall of Spike Blocks and Anvils, designed with one goal in mind – your dismal failure. Get used to being flung into an unforgiving fortress of spikes when you spring off a bounce block while you flail your arms around, fruitlessly trying to save yourself from certain doom.

Heck, even the coins are out to get you! That’s right, the only coins in the Ultra Hard stages are Trickster coins! Catch ’em if you can! Also, look out for the Anti-Magnet – if you thought spike blocks were bad enough just sitting there waiting to be plowed into, try dodging them when they come after you like swarm of armored, block-shaped hornets!

You may as well give up before you start, unless you enjoy seeing your hopes and dreams disappear in a shower of coins amongst rows of merciless, unforgiving skewers. Good luck!


Too Bad Dizzy! You Got Spiked!


We’ll keep you posted on Update 14 which should be out not long after Update 13, so during April follow our ongoing latest stories for more info! Keep jumping!

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  • looks good. 🙂

  • what the heck!!.,

  • You guys are amazing ! 🙂

  • April fools?

  • This is either an amusing april fools joke, or an interesting real update. Not sure which….

  • Hi it looks like Apple Mega jump fans get some new stages again like ultra hard and supereasy but Android mega jump fans havet even gotten the hard stages?

  • Even though I play the iPod version, I agree that’s unfair to the android fans of Mega Jump….

  • Although this was an April Fools joke, we are working hard to get the Android version up to date with the iPhone version. There’s lots more on the way for Android in the coming weeks, including new powerups, hard stages and new characters.

  • when it become on android??

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