Coming Soon: Mega Jump Update 13 – Save Your Stuff, Get the Latest News and Meet Pepper the Penguin!

Mar 29, 2011   //   by Nick Coombe   //   Announcements  //  7 Comments

Pepper the Penguin!

Mega Jump Update 13 is approaching fast! We’re putting the final touches on it now and getting it ready for a submission to Apple any day now.

Based on another very successful Facebook poll, I’d like to introduce you to Pepper the Penguin, our most recent addition to the Mega Jump line-up. Just because penguins can’t fly doesn’t mean Pepper is grounded, she soars like the best of them!

Thanks to some fantastic advances from OpenFeint, we’re now able to back-up your progress and items to your OpenFeint account! Make sure you take the time to make an account –  in addition to being able to save your stuff, you can also compete in leaderboards, earn achievements, make friends and take advantage of a bunch of other great features.

We’ve also added some performance improvements and bug fixes to help you get the best experience on all devices!

We’ll let you know as soon as it’s available!

Happy Jumping!

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UPDATE: we ran into a few hiccups with the News function, so it will appear in a future update.


  • when the new version come out?

  • I downloaded the last update and the game wont work anymore on my sonyx10

  • Hi you ad an new character to ipodiphone but dont they have a lot more than those on android like sheldon, dizzy and some more is only on ipod,iphone is it coming some new to android soon then?

  • […] keeping the Updates rolling! Update 13 is just around the corner, with Pepper the Penguin, the ability to store all of your progress so […]

  • Hey,

    All of the characters, power-ups and features will come to Android eventually.

  • If I buy a character, will they be saved In my account?

  • Im going crazy I want mega run on my android !!!!!!!! :$

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