Mega Jump Android – Update 2!

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We are incredibly happy to announce another fantastic update for Mega Jump Android is available right now from the Android Market! Check out the great new features:

Power-ups Can Be Upgraded!

  • You can now upgrade each power-up from Turbo to Super to Mega!
  • The Power Shield can be upgraded to not only protect you, but also go on the offensive! Upgrading the Power Shield makes it fire thunderbolts at enemies and obstacles in the game and also adds a score multiplier!
  • The Lucky Blast can be upgraded to increase its reach! If you upgrade it enough, the blast will follow you, paving your way with x5 coins and red stars!
  • The Anti Gravity Boots are all about speed! The more you upgrade them, the faster you run up the walls. As you upgrade the boots, they will begin to repel and destroy enemies and obstacles!
  • The Magnet is all about coin collecting! The more you upgrade it, the more coins you will be able to collect! If you thought the Super Magnet was powerful, wait until you see the Mega Magnet!

New Help and Instructions!

  • If you’re wondering how a powerup works or the name of a dastardly enemy, you’re in luck! We have added an extensive help guide that explains the world of Mega Jump!

Get Free MP By Telling Your Friends!

  • Everyone now has their own Mega Code!
  • Give your Mega Code to a friend and if they enter into Mega Jump, both you and they get 500 MP – Free!
  • Give your Mega Code to as many people as you like!
  • Share your Mega Code on Facebook, Twitter and by Email!

Share Your Scores!

  • Post your scores to Facebook or Twitter right from the Game Over screen!
  • Email scores to your friends!

And More!

  • We’ve redesigned all menus to make them look 100% more amazing!
  • The game now performs WAY better!
  • The game now uses WAY less memory!
  • The game now takes up WAY less space on your phone!

If you like Mega Jump and want to see more of these awesome updates, please rate it 5 stars in the Android Market after every update!

Until next time: keep on jumping!

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  • Force close every time on samsung fascinate.

  • Fc every single time but almost there!!!

  • Love this game on my ipod touch but it just won’t work on my android. Didn’t work last time it was on the store and doesn’t this time. Force closes on opening “Get Set” screen. Please fix excited to have on my phone. Samsung Fascinate

  • I love this update the mega magnet is the best! i earned 60 MP in one go with the mega magnet i got Mega magnet, Mega Lucky blast and super anti gravity boots and the shield isnt upgraded yet cant wait until i earn ore MP:-)

  • Works great on SGS! Thx for this update 🙂

  • Hey,

    We are aware that some Samsung users are experiencing force close issues. We are working to solve this problem as fast as possible. We will publish an emergency update to the Android Market as soon as this issue is fixed.

  • got a Samsung galaxy mini gt 5570 it closes at “getset” i hope an update comes soon

  • Force close every time on acer betouch e400.
    I wait for next update and think that it can play with my phone 🙂

  • Finally got the Mega anti gravity boots too they rock!

  • I will wait for your update ;D

  • when is it getting 480×320 support?

  • I know its a little soon to ask already now but are you working on an new update? (Android)

  • oh man…this “emergeny update” is still not online? every samsung user has to wait but you have time for updating the apple products 🙁 pls make the update

  • it’s not Marketplace, it’s Market. Android Market. please remember this. and one more thing: you guys should buy more Samsung Android phones. at least buy the popular ones (Samsung Galaxy S series in particular) it’s disappointing that this game have so many bugs. not to forget its lagging like hell on my SGS! there’re more than 10 million people who owned SGS, but it seems that none of you guys have it. no wonder the development is SO slow.

  • no longer works well on iPad after recent update. really slow and choppy… used to be fine before update! my son been bugging to get it fix!

  • Hey Michael,

    We have just submitted an update to Apple that addresses this problem. Should be available for download soon.

  • Hey Harris,

    Thanks for the correction. We are aware that Samsung devices have not been running Mega Jump as well as they could. We are working to improve this performance and have more updates coming soon that should help. Sorry for the inconvenience

  • Hey,

    We are always working on more updates. Android update 3 is on the way soon!

  • Hey Harris,

    Thanks for the correction. We are working to bring more support to more devices and Samsung is our top priority. You will see better performance on your Samsung device soon.

  • Hey,

    The update has been pushed to the Market and should be available to download.

  • We have already pushed an update to Apple. We are just waiting for approval then it will be available to download. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Hey,

    We are always working on the next update. Android Update 3 is on its way soon

  • isn’t the Samsung galaxy mini supported? because when I want to download from the browser it sais that its not supported and it isn’t in my market 🙁

  • Hi do you got a kind of newsletter we can sign for? If not do you think you can get one?

  • I really want it to be in my x10 mini . It is the best game I ‘ ve ever seen . Hope it will be

    OK on x10 mini on the next update . thz so much

  • We don’t have one yet, but we’re thinking about it!

  • Hey,

    We are working on a screen resolution update but currently do not have a release date set. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Hey,

    We are working on a screen resolution update but currently do not have a release date set. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Is there any way to reclaim megapoints I’ve spent on upgrades before the update?

  • me and my samsung galaxy mini wait for that update. hope it’ll come soon.

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