Mega Jump Android – Update 1!

Feb 3, 2011   //   by Matt Coombe   //   Announcements, Development  //  80 Comments

We’re very pleased to announce that the first major update for Mega Jump Android has gone live and is available from the Android Marketplace right now! Check out all the new features:

– Two new  characters have joined the game – Marty the Monkey and Biff the Beaver!
– You can now earn free MP just by downloading and installing other awesome applications! Tap the Earn Free MP button on the Title Screen to find out how!
– Five  new wallpapers have been added to the store!
– Higher Quantities of MP For Sale! You can now buy larger amounts in the store to get all the many goodies available in Mega Jump. Buy in bulk to get the greatest bang for your buck!
– That’s not all – we’ve improved performance and memory usage on all devices!


  • Megan jump works just fine on my xperia 8 but the problem is, I can only see a quarter of the full screen

  • The game still runs very poorly on my Vibrant Galaxy S.

  • the problem is not of the game or the market… the problem is the cache partition of your phone… i try to explain: the android market put his temporary download in a partition called cache. Megajump.apk is a file of 31mb so you need a cache partition bigger than 31mb. In the galaxy s i9000 the cache partition is 30mb so on galaxy s you can’t download megajump from market it’s impossible.

    Sorry for my bad english i hope you understand 🙂

  • Hey Hardstyler,

    We are aware of this issue. We are working hard to get it fixed as soon as possible.

  • We are were unaware of this limitation before we released this update. Our next update will be a smaller file size to address this issue. Hopefully this will solve the issue that Samsung users having.

  • Same here

  • I have the game on my Droid 2 it works most of the time its slow starting though

  • We have set up a direct download from our websites for users who are having problems downloading from the Android Market. Follow the link below:

  • Captivate has a securety feature that prevent anything from being oppened not from the market. So the like is useless If u have a captivate

  • Cant find it 🙁
    galaxy s

  • about 2 weeks ago mega jump stopped loading on my HTC Incredible. I just loaded the update and it still doesn’t load. It was the best android game that I have ever played. Music comes on, screen loads, then quits with an error message that disappears before I can read it.

  • I had it, but i can’t download ot again. So now i can’t update mega jump. If anyone is having the same problem as I do, OR HAS THE SOLUTION? Pls pm me

  • Please add support to hvga display. Waiting for this great games to run on my xperia x8

  • I can install it just fine, but it keeps hanging at the loading screen. Even after killing the app the music keeps playing.
    Using a ZTE Blade (aka Orange San Francisco)

  • Really nice game! Just longing for the updates that have come for the iphone.. My friend’s mega jump looks alot more fun with all those crazy powerups, and somehow it seems to have a nicer flow.. I don’t know if it’s just me (got a DHD), but it’s not as smooth for me as on the iphone4. Also hoping that you add hard mode on android too!

  • Hey,
    Thanks for the information, we will look into this

  • I was very excited when I read this, I wanted to update mega jump immediatly but it is not in the android market anymore. There is a new android market launched a couple of weeks ago for the pc mega jump is in -pc- android market but the download does not work.
    Please fix this.

    Mobile device: Samsung Galaxy S

  • Any new updates in sight at the moment? Cant wait to get more to buy in the shop just missin 2 characters and then ive purchased everything and find a way to stop hack people hack their Mega Points which is sad to you because you lose coins and me and others that work for them by playing and playing

  • Plzz make it work for the xperia x8
    I cant wait to play this game!!!
    Can someone please tell me when i can play it on my phone?!
    Ps. Thanks for a great game

  • Oh wow dude thanks now I have to wait for another update to play my favorite game I gave you guys 5 stars but scence I can’t play cause it says get ready then force closes..didn’t happen befor update

  • i cant play it on my xperia x10 mini pro whyy???

  • No of the links working on my Samsung

  • Email us at and we can try to help you out!

  • i can’t see the download button on my market !!!


  • I have an Xperia X10 and have tried to download this game and it keeps telling me that it is not compatible! >.< (I love this game) Also, I wonder why in my phone's market some specific games are not appearing like on when I check on a pc market store? I hope you understand my awkward phrasing o.O

  • Cant see the whole game on my samsung galaxy mini s5570 D: pls help

  • Unfortunately, we do not support lower resolution devices at this time. Hopefully in the future we will but I cannot say when. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Could u please fix the 320 x 480 resolution i really love this game and i cant play it and could u give a date

  • We now support the 320×480 resolution devices! Get the update on Google Play now!

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