Mega Jump on Android this month!

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Mega Jump Comes to Android

Get Set Games is excited to announce that Mega Jump will be coming to Android in the next couple of weeks! Mega Jump is compatible with Android 2.0 and up and will be free to download. Mega Jump for Android makes use of OpenFeint’s great social gaming features including global high scores and unlockable achievements.

Mega Jump has been downloaded by more than 7.5 million people worldwide and we’re looking forward to inviting Android gamers to the party!

We’ll be announcing the exact release date soon so stay tuned. In the mean time check out the Android screenshots below at a gorgeous 480×800 resolution.


Mega Jump for Android


Mega Jump for Android



  • Cant wait :)

  • Great news! awesome game :)

  • Wait a minute, the screenshots above have the old boosts. Does that mean Mega Jump will have the older version on Android?

  • Yes, the initial release for Android will be based on the features up to and including Update 7 on the iPhone. Once it’s out we will get to work on bringing it up to date with the iPhone version.

  • and for badaOS? :S

  • wooohooo finally. They got a bad, cheap rip off called “Hyper Jump” at the moment but it sucks hard compared to original ^^

  • Hi Chiet. No plans for bada OS currently but its certainly a possibility down the road. We will certainly post about any such plans on our blog.

  • [...] via Mega Jump on Android this month!. [...]

  • Thank you! :)

  • Droid~
    They changed the Balloon powerup’s color, I see.

  • So I have the best version so far, then :D

  • Ooooh, I can’t wait to the release…I hope its very very soon…

  • its not free.:P

  • That’s great I’ll download it. Hope there is an option to turn off OpenFeint, it seems to take forever to open a game that has it integrated so I’ve had to uninstall games with it before. I won’t be doing that with MegaJump but just hope the OpenFeint doesn’t cause a lot of problems. I’m on an HTC Evo.

  • Were are Mega jump on android?

  • I cant find it!

  • It’s not released yet….

  • it’s free because getset say “compatible with Android 2.0 and up and will be free to download. ” LOL

    mega jump it’s not in the androidmarket now.maybe in january ;-D

  • They say it will be in the Market this month…the title says: ‘Mega Jump on Android this month’ so it will be released and in the Market this month.

  • Correct this month! Only a few days left in the month so it’s probably going to be released pretty soon right? I’ve said too much already.

  • Yay :) . Yes, only 9 days left … but when is pretty soon ^^, will it be today or tomorrow?

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