Mega Jump Hits Lucky Number 7 Million!

Nov 25, 2010   //   by Nick Coombe   //   Announcements  //  4 Comments

Mega Jump Has Been Downloaded By Seven Million People!

Just a few days after the release of Update 10, Mega Jump hit another crazy milestone, having been downloaded by over 7 million players! More and more people are discovering the fun of Mega Jump, and the numbers just keep on growing! Thanks again to all our amazing fans!

There’s a lot more coming in the next few months. Hot on the heals of Update 10, Update 11 is just around the corner, featuring the astonishing new upgradable Jump Boots and a couple of new rascals who will be joining the growing Mega Jump family of characters (see if you can spot them up top!). Keep Jumping!


  • What are the characters name’s they look so cool I need to know.

  • i seem to have a problem..i download and install games for free MP but it dont work..i start the game and then close it.when i open Megajump there are no free MP..i tried closing the game and restarting.(had wifi and everything..)
    i have a 3gs 16 Gb.

  • Is update 11 gonna come within the next week, next month or next year? I want it so bad 🙂

  • It’s All good, bit why is it, that i can’t type in my friends mega codes? It suucks, and when i install an open apps, i don’t get megapoints either….

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