Mega Jump Jumping Onto Android Soon!

Sep 17, 2010   //   by Derek van Vliet   //   Announcements  //  36 Comments

Mega Jump Android

Since we released Mega Jump on the iPhone and iPod Touch, we have heard from lots of fans that they would like to get it on their Android phone. Today we are happy to announce that this will soon be a reality: Mega Jump will soon be available for Android devices.

This week our friends at OpenFeint launched Android support for their social gaming network. Mega Jump is going to be one of the first games on Android to support OpenFeint integration.

As Gizmodo reports, we are planning to release Mega Jump for Android within the next month. Check back here for more details soon!


  • Well done sirs.

  • For what Android OS version can it run from? I have the X10 Mini Pro with 1.6 Android at the moment

  • Hi Tom, Mega Jump will be available for Android OS 2.0 and up.

  • Can’t wait 🙂

  • Cool!

  • Do you have any idea at what date it will be released? I keep checking my android market all the time ^.^

  • Same question!! Hyperjump sucks compared to the real megajump!
    Please hurry!!! 🙂

  • What the h*** is going on?? Where is it huh?!

  • Hi Stent, we’re just putting the finishing touches on Mega Jump for Android. It is still coming very soon.

  • any news on a launch date for android?

  • When is it coming out, its been more than a month now

  • How long for megajump to go on android???

  • Hi Hampus. Nothing new as of yet. We’ll be sure to post on our site when things are nearing completion though.

  • When will you release it??!

  • still not here 🙁
    but i’ll enjoy myself with hyper jump (cheap ripp-off)
    mega jump is so much better than hyper jump (i check android market everyday but i think it’s gonna take a while)

  • it’s not right as derek says it’s been over a month now, but it’s still not here. can’t we just mail get-set games or smtin (maybe they fargot, if so, we can remind them)

  • how much will it cost?

  • It will be Free! Just like the iPhone version!

  • greaat man cant waiit luv yaaa <3 xD

  • Ok, two mounths ago you said Mega jump for android will be released around 17 october, now its 24 novemeber and there’s is no update or anything about Mega jump. When will it be released?

  • how long-___-“

  • how loong?-_–

  • sure 1 month is passed since that post omfg! hurry up muaan!!!!!

  • still not a release date?

  • Hi all. Thanks for sticking with us, the Android version is coming along nicely but we want to make sure it’s up to par with the iPhone version before releasing it.

  • …. some months more this just means..

  • good i hav looked once a week in soon 1 month 🙂

  • have

  • IT IS RELEASED !!!!!
    omfg i waited for over 2 months for this to come out and now i just saw it in the sidebar mega jump now available on android market – for free!! (code)
    compliments to get set games and thanks a lot for releasing it on andoid

  • FUCK IT!!!
    DAMN IT!!!!

  • rob, i have noticed mega jump is released in the android market. but the download doesn’t work. everytime i download it it keeps saying after 1 second DOWNLOAD FAILED. could you please fix this. i also asked derek van vliet if he knew what was going on. pls fix it. i’m very upset/disapointed right now

  • make one for x10 mini pro

  • but can i use it, i have v. 1,6

  • I cant’t download Mega Jump on my Experia x10 mini. Does anyone know why???

  • What do you mean relaesed? Mine won’t fn work

  • We are working hard to bring more support to more devices. Sorry if you are experiencing issues with Mega Jump on your device. Our next update is on its way and it should help to fix many bugs that players are experiencing.

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