Mega Jump Update 6 Fix Released – No More Crashing on Startup!

Aug 2, 2010   //   by Derek van Vliet   //   Announcements  //  5 Comments

Mega Jump Update

The emergency update for Mega Jump Update 6 was just approved by Apple and it is now available for download on the App Store. Thank you so much for your patience with this matter. Again, we’re really sorry for any inconvenience. For those of you who are new to Update 6, here’s a recap of what is new in it:

Stage Selection!

  • You asked for it: Once you reach a stage, it becomes unlocked and then you can start a game from that stage!
  • You can also unlock any stage you want using Mega Points
  • There are now 5 more stages – 10 stages in total!

Save Stars!

  • You can now use Save Stars to give you an instant boost by tapping the icon in the game – you can even save yourself from falling to your death!
  • Unlock as many Save Stars as you want in the Extras menu using Mega Points!

New Powerups!

  • Lucky Blast – change everything around you into something useful – even enemies!
  • Anti Gravity Boots – strapping on these boots will have you running up the walls! Tap to jump or double-tap to switch sides!
  • Super Magnet – with this powerup, no coin will be able to resist your animal magnetism!
  • All powerups now add a special effect to your character – if you have the umbrella, the player will literally have an umbrella!

New Characters!

  • Chippy the Chipmunk – he’s tiny and adorable, but don’t count him out – he’s a chipmunk on the lookout for a lucky streak!
  • Koko the Koala – this courageous Koala calls the forest his home, but he’s always wanted to see how high he could climb!

New Wallpapers!

  • We’ve added 2 new wallpapers that feature Chippy and Koko!

New Enemy!

  • This new guy holds perfectly still but he’s big, red and he bites, so watch out!

New Blocks!

  • Bounce blocks – these are spring-loaded blocks that you can bounce on over and over
  • Break blocks – jump on top of these twice to break them. Many of these contain goodies!
  • Spike blocks – these blocks are nothing but trouble. They’re lined with spikes on all sides. Keep clear!

New Coins!

  • 2x Coins – coins with a blue center are worth twice as much!
  • 5x Coins – coins with a red center are worth five times as much!

Coin loss!

  • Hitting an enemy or a bad item now causes you to lose any coins you are carrying, so be careful out there – however, this can give you a safety net of coins to help you come back from a fall!

New Patterns!

  • Dozens of new patterns of coins, stars, powerups and blocks give you tons of new things to do in the game!

iOS 4 Compatibility!

  • Full multitasking support – never lose a game to a phone call again!

New OpenFeint Leaderboards!

  • We’ve replaced the old leaderboards with two sets of new ones:
  • Casual leaderboards are for people who use Save Stars
  • Hardcore leaderboards are for people who do not use Save Stars

New OpenFeint Achievements!

  • 13 new achievements worth 285 Feint score!


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Improved Performance!

  • We’ve tightened every screw we could find and optimized almost every aspect of the game so that it runs as fast as possible on your device!

Bug Fixes!

  • The screen no longer dims while playing!
  • Fixed the occasional crash on startup and crashes within the game!

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  • Praise the lord!!! This game is now the best. Hands down. Don't even question it.

  • The game isn't fun anymore. You're stripping challenge, randomness and simplicity. Honestly, I played this game all day long. After the updates, I rarely play. Trucker's Delight is now my favorite game, and if you pay attention, it's like this game was at the beginning: simple and fun.

  • OMFG This update makes the game WAY more fun to play =D! I like the new powers and characters, also stage select is really handy. The effects for the power ups making it way more easy to see what power up is active so also that's a good thing! Only thing i dont like are the falling coins when you hit something bad, because i can't see anymore where i have to jump to fix my jump again. But overall i love the update!!! Go go go guys ;)!

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  • I don’t like this game anymore! I wasted my money buying mega points. Now when I update, I loose everything. No point playing, no point updating.

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