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Mega Jump Update 6 Crashes On Startup – Fix Submitted to Apple

Jul 29, 2010   //   by Derek van Vliet   //   Announcements  //  14 Comments

It turns out that our biggest ever update to Mega Jump has a fatal flaw in it. Many people are finding that after updating, the app is crashing on startup.

This problem appears to be affecting the following devices:

  • 1st generation iPhones
  • 2nd generation iPhones (aka iPhone 3G)
  • 1st generation iPods
  • 2nd generation iPods
  • 3rd generation iPods

The following devices are NOT affected by this problem:

  • 3rd generation iPhones (aka iPhone 3GS)
  • 4th generation iPhones (aka iPhone 4)
  • iPads

We have identified the problem, fixed it and submitted an emergency update to the app store. It should be in your hands soon.

I’m really sorry about this inconvenience. We are super-excited for you all to play this new version of Mega Jump.

Thanks for your patience and your continued support of Mega Jump!

Mega Jump Update 6 Now Available – Stage Selection… and So Much More!

Jul 28, 2010   //   by Derek van Vliet   //   Announcements  //  13 Comments

Mega Jump Update

Mega Jump’s sixth update was just approved by Apple and it is now available for download on the App Store. Full text of the update log below:

Hey Mega Jumpers! A huge THANK YOU for making Mega Jump one of the most popular iPhone/iPod Touch games on Earth! Your support and feedback has meant the world to us. Now get ready for the biggest update ever! Here’s what is new in Mega Jump:

Stage Selection!

  • You asked for it: Once you reach a stage, it becomes unlocked and then you can start a game from that stage!
  • You can also unlock any stage you want using Mega Points
  • There are now 5 more stages – 10 stages in total!

Save Stars!

  • You can now use Save Stars to give you an instant boost by tapping the icon in the game – you can even save yourself from falling to your death!
  • Unlock as many Save Stars as you want in the Extras menu using Mega Points!

New Powerups!

  • Lucky Blast – change everything around you into something useful – even enemies!
  • Anti Gravity Boots – strapping on these boots will have you running up the walls! Tap to jump or double-tap to switch sides!
  • Super Magnet – with this powerup, no coin will be able to resist your animal magnetism!
  • All powerups now add a special effect to your character – if you have the umbrella, the player will literally have an umbrella!

New Characters!

  • Chippy the Chipmunk – he’s tiny and adorable, but don’t count him out – he’s a chipmunk on the lookout for a lucky streak!
  • Koko the Koala – this courageous Koala calls the forest his home, but he’s always wanted to see how high he could climb!

New Wallpapers!

  • We’ve added 2 new wallpapers that feature Chippy and Koko!

New Enemy!

  • This new guy holds perfectly still but he’s big, red and he bites, so watch out!

New Blocks!

  • Bounce blocks – these are spring-loaded blocks that you can bounce on over and over
  • Break blocks – jump on top of these twice to break them. Many of these contain goodies!
  • Spike blocks – these blocks are nothing but trouble. They’re lined with spikes on all sides. Keep clear!

New Coins!

  • 2x Coins – coins with a blue center are worth twice as much!
  • 5x Coins – coins with a red center are worth five times as much!

Coin loss!

  • Hitting an enemy or a bad item now causes you to lose any coins you are carrying, so be careful out there – however, this can give you a safety net of coins to help you come back from a fall!

New Patterns!

  • Dozens of new patterns of coins, stars, powerups and blocks give you tons of new things to do in the game!

iOS 4 Compatibility!

  • Full multitasking support – never lose a game to a phone call again!

New OpenFeint Leaderboards!

  • We’ve replaced the old leaderboards with two sets of new ones:
  • Casual leaderboards are for people who use Save Stars
  • Hardcore leaderboards are for people who do not use Save Stars

New OpenFeint Achievements!

  • 13 new achievements worth 285 Feint score!


  • Check out our other games and other hot games by tapping the More tab on the Main Menu!

Improved Performance!

  • We’ve tightened every screw we could find and optimized almost every aspect of the game so that it runs as fast as possible on your device!

Bug Fixes!

  • The screen no longer dims while playing!
  • Fixed the occasional crash on startup and crashes within the game!

Thank you for being one of the millions of people playing Mega Jump! Mega Jump has the best players in the world and we want to thank you for making Mega Jump such a massive hit!

If you like Mega Jump and want to see more of these awesome updates, please rate it 5 stars in iTunes after every update!

Until next time: keep on jumping!

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Mega Jump Update 6 Coming Soon!

Jul 22, 2010   //   by Matt Coombe   //   Announcements  //  1 Comment

Mega Jump Update 6 Features

We’re happy to announce that our next update to Mega Jump is coming real soon and it’s a huge one! The update is in the final testing phase and will be sent to Apple within the coming days.

Here are some of the new features you can expect:

Stage Selection
It’s finally here! Unlock new stages when you reach them and use the Stage Selector to play them again at any time!

Stage Difficulty
We’ve worked hard to get a smoother progression in the stage difficulty as you journey further into the game. Discover all kinds of new features only found in the later stages with more hazards, enemies and obstacles, along with greater rewards!

Three (3!) New Powerups
Antigrav Boots: Give your little feet the power to run into the sky, control your jumps with a tap on the screen or double tap to cross the screen!
Lucky Blast: Creates a lucky magic blast to transform all the items around you into huge rewards!
Super Magnet: This one is irresistible. It’s one mega magnet that lets no coin escape!

Save Star
You asked and we listened. The Save Star allows you to come back from certain death. Collect Save Stars and use them in-game whenever you need to boost out of a difficult situation or as you’re falling to your doom. A single tap on the Save Star will bring you boosting right back into the game!

New Coins
To reward our hardcore adventurers as you progress deeper into the game, you will find coins of ever larger value. Look out for coins with 2x and 5x the value of regular coins scattered throughout the stages.

New Block Types
Bounce Blocks: Landing on these blocks will keep you bouncing around the screen. Navigate through fields of Bounce Blocks to get to your reward!
Break Blocks: Jump on these blocks to break them open and discover what’s inside. Many of them are hiding precious items!
Spike Blocks: These are dangerous. Steer clear of the fields of spike blocks, a keen eye will help you navigate through these hazards.

A New Enemy
He’s red, he’s big, and he’s got a temper. Avoid this mouthy monster or you’ll pay the price!

2 New Characters
Meet Koko and Chippy, the newest friends to join our space race. An adorable baby Koala and a wide eyed Chipmunk are looking for adventure!

New Special Effects
All of the powerups in Mega Jump now have new special effects to better show off the fantastic abilities your character has earned!

New Coin and Block Patterns
We’ve created dozens of new coin and block patterns for you to navigate. Discover ever more patterns and puzzles as you unlock later stages, from beautiful coin flowers to dastardly spike block tunnels!

Look for this update coming soon to your iPhone and iPod touch!

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