Mega Jump Makes a Great First Impression

May 7, 2010   //   by Derek van Vliet   //   In the Media  //  No Comments

Mega Jump has begun climbing up the charts on the App Store and people are taking notice. Pocket Gamer chimed in with these kind words:

“It’s the power ups that really make the experience fun though with the usual array of wacky boosts to collect, magnets to attract more gold coins, and monsters to avoid.

The game’s presentation is really good too with eye-popping graphics and punchy sound effects.”


The Mega Jump Facebook Page is growing quickly, where some bold comparisons are being made:

“Mega Jump is the Sonic the Hedgehog to Doodle Jump’s Super Mario Brothers.”

“Reminds me of the beautiful painted backgrounds of Critter Crunch!”

Meanwhile, the fine folks in the Touch Arcade forums have been especially supportive of Mega Jump, providing tons of encouraging comments and some terrific brainstorming of new ideas for future updates:

“Wow, this game just ROCKS!!
Frantic! The presentation is wonderful, really like the character.
But the best thing are the various power ups like magnets, bombs, ballons and many more….
This game is perfect for quick session and is a lot more exciting than Doodle Jump… way better, I think. Really one of my new favorite jumping games”

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