Get Set’s Newest Game: Mega Jump

Apr 30, 2010   //   by Matt Coombe   //   Announcements  //  3 Comments

We’re happy to announce that Get Set Games has submitted its latest game to Apple for approval! The game is titled Mega Jump and features a little monster character you may recognize.

Mega Jump is an Action/Arcade jumping game where the goal is to climb as high as possible through beautiful multilayered, hand painted backdrops while collecting as many coins, power ups, boosts, combos and loot pickups as possible. While Doodle Jump is an obvious inspiration, we’ve pushed the graphics and arcade action as far as we could to make the game incredibly fast paced and explosive.

Our tiny protagonist will be battling his way from the placid mossy earth of the forest floor through the treetops, ruins, sunlit clouds, and up to the moon and galaxy beyond!


  • want this on a PC

  • It’s great to see how far this game has gone in just 17 months :D

  • Yep, many improvements since it launched

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