iPhone Development Advent Tips Recap

Dec 26, 2009   //   by Derek van Vliet   //   Development  //  1 Comment

Below is a recap of all of the iPhone app development tips we posted in the month of December advent-style. We hope this serves as a one-stop shop for many aspects of iPhone development that are commonly encountered.

1. How to Open a URL in Safari
2. How to Show an Alert with UIAlertView
3. How to Display an Activity Indicator with UIActivityIndicatorView
4. Eliminating class dependencies on your app delegate
5. How to Load a UIImage From a URL
6. How to Open the Mail App With a Pre-Composed HTML Email
7. How to Get the Current Time With NSDate
8. How to Get the Platform Name
9. How to Set Your App’s Splash Screen
10. String Comparison Using NSString
11. How to Hide (and Show) the Status Bar
12. How to Dial a Phone Number
13. How to Get Your App’s Display Name and Version
14. How to Retrieve Your App Delegate Singleton Instance
15. How to Make the iPhone Vibrate
16. How to Show the Network Activity Indicator
17. How to Prevent the iPhone From Sleeping
18. How to Take the Shine off Your App’s Icon
19. How to Format an NSString
20. How to Play a Video With MPMoviePlayerController
21. How to Upgrade Your iPhone Game to OpenFeint 2.4
22. How to Log to the Console Using NSLog
23. How to Suspend Touch Input
24. How to Open the SMS App With a Phone Number

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