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Aug 17, 2009   //   by Rob Segal   //   Events  //  No Comments

I was able to attend an IGDA Toronto chapter meeting a few days ago.  This months meeting highlighted what a few local developers were up to with iPhone development.

First up was Cerebral Vortex Games.  They reviewed some of the trials and tribulations they had to go through for their upcoming iPhone game “Ghost Breaker” which you can read a bit about on their site,  Pretty cool concept.  The game works in conjunction with the iPhone camera to turn any environment into a game against the undead.

Dave Wood from Cerebral Gardens was up next.  Most of his presentation highlighted various ways that people can hack your app/game on the iPhone.  It was an interested presentation overall as Dave went through various code snippets you can dump into your app to help prevent this from happening.  The ultimate message he was stressing though was that people WILL crack your app.  That is a given but it shouldn’t stop you from following through with a good idea if you have one and I definitely agree.  Although people may be pirating your app in some ways that is a good thing as it means people want to play your game and they will tell their friends about it.

Last up was Harry Mack.  An audio designer work on various iPhone projects.  He went through some of the finer points of what the best compression choices are when deploying a game to the iPhone as well as what file formats work best.  His presentation is available for download off of the main page of his site or you can click here to get it.

Overall it was worthwhile attending and revealed a few of the finer points we will have to address in our own upcoming game.

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