Dev Sprint – July 19

Jul 23, 2009   //   by Rob Segal   //   Development  //  4 Comments

The Cocos bean, at least I think its a bean.

Due to the fact that we all have day jobs getting the time to work on our project is the biggest limiting factor to getting it done.  With time being extremely valuable  we have been brainstorming various ways that we can make a good chunk of progess.

What we came up with was evening, one day and weekend long dev sprints.  So far we’ve only being doing one day and evening sprints and the results have been pretty tremendous.   The sprints consist of the artists “arting” and the coders “coding” till everyone is fed up to do anything else.

There are several advantages to doing code sprints where everyone is on the same site.

  1. You are less inclined to be distracted on some other task or start playing games because there is someone there with you.
  2. You have a bunch of people you can easily bounce ideas off of.

Think of a LAN party but for coding/designing/creating.  It’s the formula we’ve used for many successful TO Jam games like our most recent creation Flock U.

On this particular day me and Derek were taking our first in depth look at the Cocos2D game engine.  A free open source engine for developing games with the iPhone SDK.  Things started off pretty slow in the morning as we both struggled to get some basic Cocos API and Objective-C calls working and with XCode a bit.  However once that was sorted out (or we developed workarounds) things started progressing.  It should be noted that once we cracked open our first beer we started getting productive.  I cannot lie.  That is actually what happened.

Here’s a list of some things we did accomplish and a bit of a translation of what they mean.

  • Cocos embedded as a subview of a UIScrollView object.  This will allows us to use flick/swipe movement already built into the iPhone SDK
  • Lots of ‘shrooms moving around.  Derek did some great work with this trying out some flocking algorithms just to get an idea for frame rates with some mushroom textures Matt & Nick have put together.
  • Hit detection.  You can select the mushrooms being displayed and select them as they are moving around.

Some admin work was also completed thanks to Derek…

  • Setup of Subverison repository.  Still some tweaks needed for authentication but mostly there.
  • Setup Mantis bug tracker
  • Setup Trac, project management tool (although we may not use it)

Overall it was a very productive day and as you can see from some of the previous posts by Matt we’ve got a few screenshots of what we have put together so far.  Enjoy.  If you are working with a small team and you have trouble making any progress I highly recommend dev sprints as a way to move forward with a sense of accomplishment.


  • I thought it was the Cocos coconut :)

  • Whatever it is, it is loving life.

  • Whatever it is, it is loving life.

  • Whatever it is, it is loving life.

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