Get Set Games Partners with Gearbox Publishing

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We’re thrilled to announce that Get Set Games has partnered with Gearbox Publishing to work on an exciting new tent-pole franchise that aims to surprise and delight the kid in all of us; whether you’re six or sixty.

We have a variety of open positions to join our growing team here in Toronto. We are looking for top-tier talent with UE4 experience to join our studio immediately.

If interested, please send a cover letter and resume to

It’s Alive! RUA 3 Coming April 27th!

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This One is Forever

In partnership with Adult Swim Games, we’ve been thrilled to work on the 3rd installment of the cult hit series Robot Unicorn Attack. The third game is called Robot Unicorn Attack Forever, and delves into the origin of Robot Unicorn. In RUA Forever you’ll be able to build your own dazzling team of robot unicorns to chase your dreams, take on the forces of darkness, or die trying. Mostly that final bit.

RUA Forever is the first Robot Unicorn Attack game in 3D (D for Dazzling!), and is built on the Epic’s epic Unreal 4 engine (epic!).  You’ll be able to dive into the glittering and dangerous world of Robot Unicorn Attack like a cybernetic dolphin into an ocean of laser crystals!

Robot Unicorn Attack Forever will be launching on April 27th for iPhone, iPad and Android!

Storm Casters Ultra Nominated for Game of the Week!

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Cast Your Vote

We pleased to announce that Storm Casters Ultra has been nominated for Game of the Week by members of Touch Arcade! If you’re an active Touch Arcade member, you can participate in the vote and choose your favourite game by visiting this thread!

Storm Casters Ultra Out Now Worldwide!

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The storm has finally arrived as Storm Casters Ultra makes its official debut as a free game on the App Store! With thousands of players already venturing into the darkness of Skull Keep, the deluge is gathering strength. So what are you waiting for, go grab it now!

Press for Storm Casters Ultra!

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Thunder in the Distance

The anticipation for Storm Casters Ultra continues as we get closer to the global launch on October 1st! The feedback from players has been fantastic and we’ve had some great comments from the press in the run-up to launch: features Storm Casters Ultra in their 16 Top Games in Soft Launch

Slide to Play describes the original Storm Casters as “fantastic”

Gamezebo says Storm Casters was “the best game you refused to paid for”

Touch Arcade calls the original “really cool” and looks forward to the new version

With just two weeks to go until the launch of Storm Casters Ultra, we’re very excited about the reaction we’ve seen from players so far – check out what people are saying on the Touch Arcade Forums.

Storm Casters Ultra out now in Canada!

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Ride the Lightning

Storm Casters Ultra proves that lighting can strike twice! Storm Casters was released last year as a paid game and got amazing feedback from players and great reviews – those that played it loved it.

At every game show we attended, people would come up to us and ask about Storm Casters. We realised that Storm Casters deserved a bigger audience, so we decided to do what we do best – relaunch Storm Casters as a free game and get it into the hands of more players! Enter Storm Casters Ultra!

Calm Before the Storm

Launching globally on October 1st, Storm Casters Ultra has just been soft-launched in Canada and Denmark, so if you’re in those countries, grab it now and try it out! We’re using this period to make sure everything is running smoothly “in the wild” before the global launch, and players are loving it so far!

Change the Cards, Change the Game

Storm Casters Ultra is a loot-filled, action-packed dungeon adventure game that doesn’t hold back. Find and collect rare Battle Cards to discover new spells, blast enemies with explosive powers and evolve your character to become a mighty Storm Caster!

Bringing the Thunder

For Storm Casters Ultra, we’ve upgraded every aspect of the game, with dozens of new and amazing cards, a new narrative, new prestige modes that quadruple the amount of gameplay, unique and powerful Ultra Cards, and more stability and performance fixes than you can shake a stick at. It’s the definitive edition of Storm Casters and we can’t wait for you to play it!



New Mega Run Update – Lava Caves!

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It’s the 3rd Anniversary of Mega Run (wow!), and we’re celebrating with a sizzling new update, available right now on the App Store!

Into the Firey Depths

Get ready for a brand new world – the infernal Lava Caves! You’ll feel the heat in this dangerous underground lair as you take on 24 all new stages featuring fiendish traps, crazy jumping puzzles and devious enemies!

One of the best games on the platform. Redford has become the new Sonic.

– Apple’N’Apps

Incredibly well-designed levels with multiple pathways and tons of secrets to discover.

– Touch Arcade

Flame On!

Mega Run now features 6 huge worlds with this update, bringing the total number of stages (including the awesome bonus stages) to a staggering 150! World 6 – Lava Caves features some of the most fun levels we’ve ever created and we can’t wait for you to try them! Check out the hot screenshots below!


Mega Blast – Coming This Summer!

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Redford’s Back With a Bang!

It’s boomtime! Redford is back in Mega Blast – a block-breaking, coin-grabbing, bomb-throwing slice of monstrous mayhem! Redford and his friends spring to life in glorious 3D for the first time!

We’re very proud to announce Mega Blast, our first 3D game, and our first game to use the amazing Unreal Engine 4. Mega Blast features intuitive tap and swipe controls, madcap action, incredible effects and great performance across a range of devices.

Making Mayhem

We’ve had an absolute blast (pun very much intended) using Unreal Engine 4 so far. What started out as a test of this new engine has become something much richer and more rewarding than we could have imagined, in the form of Mega Blast.

Even though UE4 is a cutting-edge engine, used on AAA console and PC games, it also gives us the ability to optimize for lower-end mobile devices; we’re getting a solid 30fps even on the venerable  iPhone 4S, with more optimization still to come. Devices that are metal-capable on the other hand will take full advantage of the engine with console-quality effects and performance, and the game looks amazing on the large screens of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. It’s really a game-changer.

An Epic Surprise

We are also very grateful (and surprised!) to accept a generous dev grant from Epic to help us complete the game and give it the final polish that it deserves. So a huge thank you to Epic! You can find out more about Epic’s awesome Unreal Dev Grant program on their site.

Here are some screenshots from Mega Blast, which is getting closer to Beta every day!

Mega Run Arrives on Windows!

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Run All Over Again!

Big news Get Set fans, Mega Run is now available on Windows Tablets and Desktops!

The Windows version of Mega Run features all the same content as Mega Run Plus on iOS, meaning access to all the original playable characters, all 5 worlds and their respective stages and bonus stages – adding up to 120 stages in all!

Along with every world and stage come the same powerups, enemies, and obstacles that made the original Mega Run a smash hit on both Android and iOS with over 15 million downloads worldwide.

Ready to run all over again but this time on a Windows tablet or desktop? Mega Run has you covered! Check it out on the Windows Store now!

Cult of Mac Gives a Great Review of Storm Casters!

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Stormcasters is “unique and captivating” in this great review on Cult of Mac.

If you love loot-gathering, card-collecting and dungeon-crawling, you’ll most certainly find yourself enamored of this wonderfully in-depth experience. For a couple of dollars, you really cannot go wrong.

If you don’t have Storm Casters yet, go grab it now on the App Store!


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